Consumed Expired Medicines – What Could Go Wrong?

Taking the right dosage of medicine at the right time delivers the best results for the patient to get rid of the health issue for which he/she is recommended for taking the medicines. Consuming medicine without checking expiry date or consuming expired medicines may create a harmful and critical condition for a patient.

The term “expired” indicates that the medicine has come to its end, and this should not be used for further course. Many people avoid throwing expired medicine to save money, many times they even avoid consulting a doctor for a new prescription and this again to save money.

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Consequences of Consuming Expired Medicines

Consuming expired medicines is not recommended by either way at any cost. Many people often consume expired drugs knowingly or unknowingly, ideally which they should not at any cost.

Expired medicines have high and serious risk factors for putting patients in horrifying trouble like heart issues, diabetics, infection, kidney failure, skin allergies etc. There is a high chance of facing unexpected risk, including sudden death, depends on the composition of drugs used.

Many people rely on pharmacists and consume the medicine without checking the expiry date. One should never rely 100% on the counter pharmacists; you should double-check the medicine name to make sure that it is the same one that your physician has recommended and it is not expired.

Also, to be at a safer side, you should even not consider a drug of which expiry date is approaching in 3 months.

According to researches, in some medicines, it has been found that the power of a drug may decrease after its expiry date, but its original chemical strength remains active even after a decade after the expiry date.

Recommendation on Expiry Medicine

One should make a habit to routinely check the expiration dates of all the medicine you take. Discard those medicines so that it should not be consumed by somebody else like children or pets.

  • Follow basic precautions while discarding an expired or unused medicines, it is best to put the expired or unused medicines in an empty bag or box before throwing it out in your household trash bin. Precautionary, you can also follow the guidelines issued by an FDA to dispose of expired or unused medicines.
  • In some point in time, you may want to keep an expired medicine only until you get a replacement of medicine. Dispose of them immediately as soon as you get the new batch of your medicines.
  • Store your unexpired medicines in a dry, temperature-appropriate area and out of reach of kids, pets and those who may misuse them. Putting medicines in a bathroom cabinet is definitely not a good place to store any medicines, if you have done so, please remove all your medicines from them immediately.
  • Consult your physician or a pharmacist if you have a query about using any specific drug past its expiry date.

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