Diet for Healthy Hair

Long shiny hair makes you look beautiful, and to make it beautiful and healthy one should eat a healthy diet. Yes, what we eat reflects on our hair and body. Expert says adding nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the diet can give progressive results but if you’re not eating healthy or undergoing with the stress level, you may end up with a devastating result. There are a few tips for healthy hair.

Many people complain to have a regular hair fall, hair thinning, breakage, etc. but they don’t realize that the diet or lifestyle they follow is one of the biggest issues to their hair fall problem. For getting healthy hair, one should start taking healthy diet first, food rich in vitamins, and minerals add volume to your hair.

Sometime even after following a healthy lifestyle, one may experience hair fall, thinning of hair, hair breakage, etc., in this case, you should speak to a doctor to identify the exact cause of hair fall.  Health problem such as diabetes or thyroid contribute and make hair unhealthy and weak.

Well, healthy hair is genetic also. But those who don’t have it from an ancestor should take a lot of good care by substituting an unhealthy diet to a healthy one. Probably, you have heard that protein, veggies are a good source of iron zinc, vitamin B6, folate, etc.

Here are some tips for healthy hair:

  1. Add more protein: Our hair is of keratin and it requires a lot of protein. When we don’t provide enough protein, hair growth becomes slow and get stopped. As it stops, we face a lot of hair fall or hair loss. Protein helps in growth, once can get protein from fish, meat and egg white.
  2. Adding nuts and seeds: Nut and seeds are the rich sources of the nutrient. Walnut, sunflower seed, and almond give nourishment to hair and they contain boosting nutrients like vitamin B, biotin, iron, omega-3 fatty acid, protein.
  3. Adding berries: Berries are rich sources of citrus, citrus helps in removing dandruff. Inculcating berries like amala or Indian gooseberry, strawberry, blueberry, they are high antioxidants.
  4. Adding seafood: Seafood has many rich nutrients such as omega3, vitamin D. for healthy growth. We can add seafood to our daily diet.
  5. Adding veggies: Spinach, red bell pepper they all have vitamin C. Vitamin C help in reducing hair fall or hair loss, it provides shine to your hair.
  6. Oil massage: Avocado oil, coconut oil, almond oil, provide grease to hair, which makes them strong and shiny, removes breakage, and provides growth.

A healthy eating habit will help you to boost your hair health.

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