Effects of having junk food

In our fast paced lives, junk food seems to be appealing because these are easy to prepare and are readily available in market. Another motivating factor is the advertising done by junk food marketers and on top of that, they taste great.

The junk food word actually refers to the food that contributes a lot of calories, but with little or no nutritional value. Most of the junk foods also known as fast foods are not innocent enough, as they contain trans-fats in the form of white flour and sugar or syrups etc.Junk foods have very low nutritional value but it is high in saturated fats, sugar and salt which lead to fatness and heart disorders. Packed and processed food like chips, cheese puffs and cookies contains preservatives, coloring, and artificial flavors both of which are harmful for your body system.

junk foods

What do the junk foods offer?

Saturated fats: The Trans-fats offered by junk foods are referred to as the biggest food processing disaster. Junk foods are prepared using unhealthy saturated fats, which are difficult to digest and can release a lot of toxins into the body.

Sugars: Junk food contain more of sugar and large amount of sugar doubles up the number of Amyloid plaque deposits. Eating fast foods not only make you prone to diabetes but also susceptible to heart disease and blood pressure.

Refined grains: Refined food grains are processed to remove bran but the processing also removes fiber, iron, and vitamins. Thus, they are starchy and less nutritious than whole grains. Refined grains are practically devoid of any natural fiber.

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Salts: High sodium content of the fast foods can be dangerous for the overall health as it can trigger a stroke. The preserved foods contain salt and is harmful, as it raises blood volume, forcing the heart to work harder.

Calories: The high-amount of unhealthy calories consumed while having a fast food meal can be disastrous to your health. The calories contribute to the exponential increase in obesity and related complications.

harmful junk foods How to take junk out of the junk food?

Now that your know how harmful these junk foods are, here is a list of few good reasons to cut down the intake of junk foods.

  • Select eateries providing healthier alternatives of the fast food
  • Instead of soda or donut, grab fruit juice or crunchy fruit
  • Avoid white bread and go for healthier whole wheat bread
  • Avoid sweetened beverages
  • Do not get influenced by the fast food commercials
  • Replace the bag of chips with a bag of nuts
  • Stock your refrigerator with fresh yogurt, fruits and ranch dip to control your hunger

Thus, by following these tips, you will be able to curb your temptation towards junk food and lead a healthy life.

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