Home remedies for chapped lips

Dry lips are a common issue and can be embarrassing and painful. Some of the symptoms of chapped lips include dryness, cracking, redness, tender lips, and flaking.

Cracked lips can be caused by vitamin deficiency, dehydration, allergic reactions, exposure to harsh weather or sun, smoking, and too much lips licking. These days, several commercial products are available to help treat chapped lips. However, there are many home remedies for chapped lips as well that help to heal chapped lips. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Honey
Honey is an excellent moisturizer that can help heal dry, cracked lips. It is a perfect natural lips treatment for anyone who is not allergic to it. You can apply honey on your lips several times daily to keep it soft and smooth. An age-old dry lips remedy is made by mixing honey and glycerine and applying them on the lips before bed.

2. Sugar
Take two teaspoons of sugar and add some honey to it. Apply the mixture on your lips and let it stay for some time. Then, gently rub this mixture on your lips using your fingers to help remove the dead skin cells. Wash off the paste with water. Exfoliating thus will help to get back the natural softness of your lips.

3. Rose petals
Rose petals can also work wonders to help restore the natural softness of your lips. You can take some rose petals, wash them, and soak them in milk for a few hours. You can then mash them and apply the paste on your lips several times daily before bed at night. It is excellent for keeping your lips moisturized. It is an effective natural dry lips treatment.

4. Castor oil
Castor oil is another best cure for chapped lips. You can apply it several times daily to help heal cracked lips faster. You can make a mixture of castor oil, lemon juice, and glycerine and apply it to your lips. Keep it overnight and wipe it off the next morning.

5. Coconut oil
Coconut oil has been used widely as a natural dry cracked lips treatment. It acts as a perfect moisturizer for chapped lips that are caused due to dry or cold weather. Apply coconut oil many times daily to keep the lips moist and soft.

6. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has healing properties and makes for an excellent chapped lips remedy. You can apply some Aloe Vera to help soothe chapped lips and relieve the pain. It is known to help heal chapped lips very fast.

7. Milk cream
A timeless remedy, milk cream can work very well to moisturize the lips naturally. Just apply fresh milk cream on the peeling lips and leave it there for a few minutes. Wash it off with water.

8. Petroleum jelly
Using petroleum jelly is also a good way to help keep the lips moisturized and well-protected. You can apply this daily to keep your lips in good condition. You can also make a perfect dry lips remedy by mixing honey and petroleum jelly and leaving the mix on for at least 15 minutes before removing it with warm water.

9. Cucumber
Take some cucumber juice and rub it over your cracked lips. Let it stay for at least 20 minutes before washing off with water. Do this many times a day to see noticeable results quickly.

dry lips treatment

Apart from using these natural remedies for chapped lips treatment, you must drink adequate water. It is essential to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Hydration is the best cure for chapped lips. You can begin your day by drinking a glass of water and drinking at least eight glasses of water throughout the day. Water helps keep your body hydrated and is also good for flushing toxins from the body. A balanced diet and a regular regimen of exercises can also help in skincare. 

Here are some more things to keep in mind to help avoid dry, cracked lips:

    • Always use sunscreen on your lips before you step outdoors
    • Avoid peeling off the dead skin from your lips
    • Gently exfoliate your lips with the help of a soft toothbrush to get rid of the dead cells that will lead to drying and flaking.
    • Avoid excessively biting or licking your peeling lips; it will lead to more chapping.
    • Include more Vitamin A in your diet.

      Following these remedies helps you get rid of dry lips, and keeping these points in mind will help you have soft, smooth lips in no time.

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