Home remedies for coughing

We all have a tendency to acquire cough to a certain level; that’s very natural phenomenon of our body system. But, the excess of a cough, its persistence, and dry coughing have to be checked without delay.

Home remedies for coughing

It’s advised to rely on some home remedies for coughing that provide good results if taken properly.

Well, sometimes cough may make you feel annoyed and embarrassed, but you cannot ignore this natural activity of the body that cleans up mucus, smoke and other irritants from the lungs. But again, if you have been witnessing the continuation of a cough, then there is something wrong with the body’s natural function. A cough is not something to panic as several cough remedies are available at home that can do the rescue work without harming the body.

Causes of a cough:

Coughing happens when dust, smoke or pollen, viruses, bacteria and other air substances that irritate the surface of the airways between the throat and lungs. A cough is also a reaction of our body that immediately happens to clear the air passage. But, when the body pushes hard and makes a violent effort; it becomes a condition of relentless coughing. Interestingly, the speed of a cough is up to 60 miles/hour and it sprays out some three thousand droplets over several feet.

Symptoms of a cough:

The persistent coughing could lead body aches, nausea, and fever. Sometimes, a serious lung infection like bronchitis requires medical attention. A violent coughing makes the airways dry and produces off-colored phlegm or saliva. A kind of bad smell could also emanate from the mouth in this condition.

Types of a cough:

• A viral infection or sinus problem can generate a dry cough that does not produce any mucus
• Coughing due to bacterial infection produces sputum or mucus
• A stressful body can also react in the form of continuous coughing that produces mucus
• Usually, children witness a barking cough that could be due to viral attack
• A cough causing whopping sound can be due to a serious infection that needs immediate cough remedies
• The environmental changes can also generate a short-time cough

Home remedies for coughing:

Before taking hard medicines, it’s widely recommended to take some home remedies to treat a cough. It could prove to be very effective. And if your cough has not entered a serious level, it can fairly be diagnosed through these natural remedies.

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• Honey and black pepper
The healing properties of honey are very useful to reduce the intensity of a cough and provide quick relief. Add a little amount of black pepper to honey; this solution works like a natural cough reliever. One of the effective home remedies for coughing, the combination of honey and black pepper should be taken with lukewarm water twice a day for gradual improvement.

• Combine flax seeds, honey, and lemon juice
The gooey gel created by the boiled 2-3 tablespoon of flax seeds soothes the dry throat or bronchitis tract. Furthermore, adding some drops of lemon juice and up to three tablespoons of honey to this gel enhances its healing capacity.

• Peppermint leaves
The eucalyptus oil and peppermint leaves make a strong combination to relax bronchial airways, ensuring a smooth circulation of mucus. You can take peppermint tea or directly inhale its vapor that would slow down vigorous coughing.

• Almond
It is known as one of the traditional cough remedies. An almond has natural properties to relieve bronchial problems like a cough. You can take it with the orange juice or simply sip the almond milk to get relief from the cough.

• Onion and garlic syrup
A mixture paste of onion and garlic along with a two-three tablespoon of honey works well as a natural cough syrup. The antimicrobial properties of the garlic and onion relax the cough reflex by soothing the throat. Keep this solution in the cold place for longer use. You can also add some herbs like oregano and sage to enhance the antimicrobial capacity of the mixture.

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• Ginger
Don’t forget to add ginger to your home remedies for coughing as its medicinal properties help a lot treating symptoms of flu and cold. This natural herb has antihistamine and decongestant attributes that are commonly prescribed to control a mucus and dry cough. You can concoct ginger slices with a little amount of honey or lemon juice for increasing its healing effects.

• Stay away from pollution
Suffering from respiratory problem and coughing, you are strictly advised to stay away from the environmental pollution and dust particles. Some common allergens like dust mite, mold, animal fur and dander, pollen, and insects can precipitate coughing, as they irritate the airways and cause the excess production of mucus. Therefore, it’s better to avoid such allergens.

The environmental changes and weak immune system are highly responsible for breaching the strength of the bronchial airways, resulting in cough, asthma and other respiratory diseases. The home remedies for coughing are not new, but many people seem to be weaned away from these traditional methods. The natural cough remedies were effective in the ancient age and are beneficial even today. Try these home methods; they will not disappoint you ever!

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