Exercises for mental health

Are you also looking for a solution to increase your mental stamina? Or have you ever wondered thinking the key steps to boost mental mastery? Well, boosting mental health is not much hard. Some simple habits can help you in this, you only need to inculcate these habits and follow the same regularly in your everyday routine from the comfort of your home.

This is a fact, our brain is an ultimate organ who is capable of doing unbelievable and amazing tasks. And, maintaining its well-being and sanity must be our top priority. In today’s scenario, there are so many factors that promoting and lowering brain activities, which allowing psychiatric disorders to set in. It is our responsibility to reduce stress and take care of our brain well. To avoid mental stress, you should strengthen the brain activities by simply getting involved and practicing the exercises for mental health. If you include some physical exercise, along with balanced nutrition and lifestyle changes in your everyday routine, you can help combat various diseases.

According to WHO, 60-150 minutes of physical exercises for people aged 6-65 years is enough for mental health. Additionally, being active for 15-30 minutes every day by walking, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, running, dancing, and high-intensity strength training can help you live longer and look younger.

Give this post a read, to know about some top physical exercises for mental health and why experts highly recommend it. Here you go…

  1. WALKING: Walking plays a very important role to reduce the stress levels, improving circulation, which, in turn, provides oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells. It also helps to stimulate the nervous system receptors and decreases the production of the stress hormones, improving your emotional wellness.
  1. DANCING: Most of us are familiar with the countless feeling obtained from dancing on the floor. From weddings and holiday parties to Zumba classes, moving our body often contributes a lot to lift our mood. It improves mental health and boosts the mood immediately.
  1. CYCLING: As exercise helps to improve our emotional wellness, cycling also contributes equally to enhance mental health as other exercises do. Now the first and largest study of its kind confirms it as well: Riding a bike, inside or out, is very close to playing sports activity and is beneficial for mental health.
  1. YOGA: We all are aware of several health benefits of Yoga, either it is starting from removing constipation or treating neurological disorders, it works magically. Yoga can contribute to keeping your mind calm, alongside yoga can also improve your mental health. Yoga is a great stress reliever and it eases anxiety and depression as well.
  1. High-Intensity Exercise (HIIT): In addition to your everyday exercise, you must incorporate HIIT into your workout routine. However, high-intensity exercise has a reputation increasing stress levels, but as you become more habitual you should find that your body adapts to this and learns to cooperate and becomes stronger over the period of time, which could support stress coping strategies in life.


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remedies for vomiting

Vomiting is unpleasant, and there is no denying it. Just thought of someone vomiting can make you gag. It may be frustrating when you feel nauseous and vomiting. There could be many reasons for this, including food poisoning, stomach flu, infections, fever, or alcohol hangover. Most of the times, vomiting is not under your control and can arise in a variety of situations, including pregnancy and travel. Vomiting or emesis is not only uncomfortable but can also lade to dehydration and interfere with the electrolyte balance in the body. Medications are commonly used for the treatment of emesis. Unfortunately, such antiemetic drugs can have negative side effects of their own; the most commonly reported is drowsiness. Before start treating vomiting, make sure you know the cause behind it. Treatment of emesis very much depends on the cause.

Causes of Vomiting

Vomiting can be a symptom of a range of health issues. Examples of these causes include food poisoning, overeating, blocked intestine, motion sickness, a stomach infection, and pregnancy, side effects of medicines, alcohol consumption or brain injury. Each of these causes a chemical change that irritates the brain. A stomach virus is one of the common causes of emesis, and if you are looking for ways to get it under control, you have turned on to the right page. In case of infection or food poisoning, vomiting is the body’s ways to get rid of harmful toxins. However, some remedies help you get rid of stomach discomfort and vomiting without using medications. These include:

  1. Drinking water, or herbal tea after the last episode of vomiting occurred. This is because vomiting leaves you dehydrated; a significant loss of water takes place when you vomit. Drinking 1 to 2 ounces of such clear fluids will help compensate the water loss.
  2. Avid drinking carbonated beverages or alcohol when vomiting as these drinks can worsen the feeling of nausea and lead to dehydration.
  3. Sicking lemon drops, pickles, or mints can help eliminate the unpleasant taste from your mouth.
  4. Ginger is a great remedy for treating the common causes of emesis, i.e. stomach discomfort. Drinking ginger tea can help you get rid of that nausea feeling and help you feel better.
  5. Aromatherapy is also helpful when it comes to reducing the incidence of nausea. Smelling certain scents such as lavender, chamomile, rose, lemon oil, clove, and peppermint can help you get rid of the nausea feeling.
  6. Acupressure is another option for those who don’t want to use antiemetic drugs. Applying pressure on the inner wrist, below the index finger can help to relieve nausea.

Apart from all these, plenty of rest is all you need to heal after a vomiting episode.

However, when it comes to treating vomiting in children, preventing dehydration is the goal. Your kid may not always want to drink fluids so that you can be little creative for your little munchkin:

  1. Make ice cubes of oral rehydration solution or electrolyte beverages.
  2. Dilute fruit juice with water, and this reduces the amount of sugar, which can worsen diarrhoea.
  3. Make sure you give a small amount of rehydration fluids to your baby to reduce the likelihood the child will immediately throw up again.
  4. Provide foods such as crackers, bland soups, bananas, toast, mashed potatoes once your kid has not vomited for about eight hours and kept fluids down. Treating vomiting is difficult in children when you don’t want to give antiemetic drugs. Especially when your child is too small to express his/her feelings. But providing a small amount of ORS at a time can help.

Ways to get rid of alcohol-related vomiting

Alcohol leaves a dehydrating effect on the body. Drinking alcohol can irritate your stomach lining, increase the amount of acid in the stomach and slow down digestion. This can lead to stomach irritation, which in turn may give rise to nausea feeling accompanied by vomiting. Following these tips, one can reduce the symptom of alcohol-related vomiting:

  1. Taking small sips of fluids such as water and electrolyte drinks can prevent dehydration caused by vomiting.
  2. Taking vitamin B6 can help you get rid of hangover symptoms. But be sure to consult a physician before taking such OTC products.
  3. Eating small bites of toast with little sips of tea, coffee, or juice can help a drunk man regain some energy and keep nausea feeling at bay. Beware of caffeinated drinks because these can further contribute to dehydration. Make sure you wait for at least half an hour after the last vomiting episode before eating to reduce the likelihood of vomiting again.

Unfortunately, we all experience nausea and vomiting more than once in our lifetime, and It can be difficult to understand when we should get medical attention. Be sure to consult a physician if you vomit more than once a week, if you are pregnant, or if home remedies do not relieve the symptoms.

Eye Care

eye health

This article is all about to know how to keep your eyes healthy? If you are seeking information associated with this topic then this page is for you.

We are what we eat, this is the best example to say all. Our eating habits make us a better person from the inner and outer both. A healthy and balanced food diet is recommended by almost all the nutritionists across the world. For keeping the overall body fit one must eat healthy food, this way you will be able to take care of your eyes, skin, hair, bones, muscles and all body organs. Like nutritionist, the ophthalmologist also suggests and recommend eating right food items for improving eyesight.

eye health

Keep on reading to know how to keep your eyes healthy.

In this article, we are making a list of best food items that will help you in keeping your eyes healthy. Eating the right food items for improving eyesight is as important as we take care of our overall body health.

The eyes are one of the essential organs of our body, and putting efforts into keeping them healthy should be one of the daily tasks in our to-do list. Although many people believe that failing or weak eyesight is inevitable due to aging or eye strain, but in reality, basic healthy lifestyle changes can perhaps reduce the risk of eye health problems.

Best food to eat to keep your eyes healthy:

Foods with certain nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E, zinc, copper, and beta carotene are helpful in reducing the eye health risk of around 25 to 30% due to the aging factor. As per studies, lutein, copper, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids are vital for overall eye health.

Take these food items for improving eyesight and make a part of your daily diet. As per researches, the best nutrient-rich food to boost eye health are here below:

  • Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C. They have antioxidant properties to fight age-related eye damage. Lemon, oranges, and grapefruits are rich in vitamin C.

  • Fish

Fish has several health benefits. They are the rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. For improving eye health, eating oily fish is good. Oil fishes have oil in their body tissues and gut, so eating them offers a high level of omega-3 goodness. Tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, herring and anchovies are some of the fishes that contain the most beneficial levels of omega-3.

  • Seeds

Like fishes, seeds are too high in omega-3s and are a rich source of vitamin E. You can buy Chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds, these are available at most of the grocery stores.

  • Nuts and Legumes

Nuts are another source of omega-3 fatty acids, they are rich in vitamin E which helps eye from age factor damage. Nuts are easily available at most of the grocery stores and they are good for eye health. Walnuts, cashews, lentils, peanuts, Brazil nuts, are some of the best options to have nuts and legumes.

  • Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are a good source of vitamin C, especially leafy green vegetables are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein. You can choose leafy greens vegetables to include Kale, spinach, collards.

  • Carrots

Carrots are a well-known option to boost eye health. They are rich in Vitamin A and beta carotene. Vitamin A plays an important role to maintain eye vision.

  • Eggs

Eggs are loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin benefits, which can reduce age-related sight loss risk. Zinc, vitamins C and E are also good sources found in Eggs.

  • Water

Like the above mention food, water is equally essential to life and plays a vital role in eye health. Drinking plenty of water can prevent dehydration, which actually helps to reduce the dry eyes symptoms

  • Beef

For the long term eye, health benefits beef is also considered a rich source of zinc. This source helps in delaying age-related vision loss and macular degeneration. Chicken breasts also contain zinc but not much as beef does.

Interesting fact – The retina of an eye itself contains a high level of zinc.

  • Other than taking a balanced eye-healthy diet, taking supplements can help in maintaining eye health. Norflox Eye Drops – 0.3% (10 ml) Eye Drops – Norflox eye drops treat bacterial eye infection.
  • UNDER EYE CREAM (Himalaya) – The under eye cream from Himalaya prevents wrinkle formation and fine lines. It also effectively work to reduce dark circles. The cream detoxifies and moisturizes the under-eye area.
  • KAJAL 2.6 gm (Himalaya) – Kajal nourishes lashes and acts as an anti-aging agent for eyelids.

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Eye Health Tips

To maintain good eye health, below given some basic tips can offer eye health.

Wearing sunglasses when going outside, go for a regular eye check-up to avoid eye disease, stop smoking, washing hands before touching the eye or wearing contact lenses, keep a 20 feet distance while working on a computer, take a break of 20 seconds in every 20 minutes to rest your eye.

Early treatment of eye health is the best answer to many people who generally ask how to keep eyes healthy? People who notice vision change should visit their ophthalmologist for an eye exam. The above-given list of food items for improving eyesight is another way to keep your eyes healthy.

Eyelash Fall Out

That gorgeousness of the eyelashes lies in their healthier, longer and fuller look. The fall and roughness of lashes can steal their beauty, leaving you with the incomplete facial expression. Remember that eyelashes are one of the delicate but important parts of our body, so we have to take care and protect them from falling out easily. The application of Careprost eyelash growth proves to be an effective solution to keep the natural beauty intact while promoting their length and thickness.

Understand the reasons behind falling out of eyelashes:

The fall of eyelashes is a common problem that men and women suffer from. Each hair stand of lashes goes through the phases of development, fall, and growth but this life cycle can be disturbed due to various reasons. If you experience excessive falling and thinning of lashes, you can consult an expert to understand its reason. There are different factors forcing lashes to fall immaturely. However, different people respond to those factors in different ways. Many experts recommend Careprost eyelash enhancer serum that can treat this problem without affecting your vision. This is an excellent solution to make your eyelashes longer, thicker and fuller within a few weeks. Take a look at some leading causes behind the fall and breakage of lashes so that you can work on them.

  • Fall of lashes is a natural phenomenon

Eyelashes naturally emanate, grow, develop, fall off, and then regrow. Typically, this whole life cycle takes 2-3 months to complete. The growth phase of lashes is called anagen; resting phase is telogen and transition phase is catagen. Hair strands can fall within any phases, so you need not to panic if this cycle goes on as normal. You should be concerned if you are unable to regrow lashes. This is where bimatoprost eyelash serum can be helpful for extending telogen. This medicine is originally formulated to treat glaucoma and reduce intraocular pressure.

  • Effects of old age

Old age has its own effects on the body and they are inevitable. We experience deterioration in the skin tissues and hair graying with aging and so are the eyelashes affected. The older you get, the more you lose hair strands. But, the fall of lashes in younger age is a concern to reckon with. You can protect them and enhance their life by using the right products like Careprost eyelash growth eye drops.


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  • Check if mascara damages your eyelash strands

If you are using mascara, be careful and watchful towards its effects on the eyelashes. The application of external eyelashes could damage your lashes and affect their development. Destruction of lashes probably happens because of the adhesiveness of mascara so it becomes a bit difficult to remove. Another concern with mascara is that it does not give a permanent solution for the longer eyelashes. On the other hand, the use of Careprost eyelash enhancer serum makes it easy to achieve longer and fuller lashes and it does not affect the existing lashes.

  • The adverse effect of stress on lashes

The effects of mental and physical stress are quite visible on health and look of your lashes, hair, and skin. In the condition of stress, the thinning and falling of hair is highly experienced. Stress renders hormonal imbalances and affects skin tissues that could lead to the fallout of lashes. The condition of stress can also incur the feeling of irritation in the people, further causing a blow to lashes and skin’s health. In such a case, it is better to use an eyelash enhancer like bimatoprost eyelash serum. It helps to maintain thicker and fuller lashes for a long time.

Beauty and Skin Care

Our skin basically caused and affected by many factors, some of which are completely out of our control. If you have oily skin then it can really take you through tough times as the sebaceous glands become overactive, producing excess sebum and it’s nothing less than a nightmare for any individual.

If your face foundation melts away within a couple of hours of applying it and your face tend to become oily within a few minutes of washing it, then you have oily skin. Most often than not, you must deal with skin concerns such as blackheads and whiteheads, enlarged or clogged pores and recurring acne breakouts. Dirt, dust and environmental pollution can even lead to comedones for those with oily prone skin.

If you have been wondering about the causes that why your skin is oily and if there are any natural ways to tackle this issue, then the answers is YES! There are some best tips to take care of oily skin and to keep the oil production in control with simple steps, but prior to that let’s understand why and how skin produces oil?

Causes of Oily Skin:

Genetics –If one of your parents have had a history of oily skin, you are also quite likely to have oil-prone skin.

Age – Research says, adolescents and young adults are known to have oilier skin than the older, the reason is, and your skin indeed produce less sebum as you age. This is also the time when your aging symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable due to the lack of collagen and sebum.

Climate – The place you live, and the time of year can also make a difference for your skin. The hot and humid climates leave the natural oil on the skin.

Enlarged Pores – Acne breakouts, aging, and weight fluctuations are also responsible for causing your skin pores to become enlarged, and enlarged pores promote skin to produce more oil.

Wrong Skin Care Routine – Oily skin can also be brought by following the wrong skincare routine or using the wrong products. Some people got confused with combination skin with oily skin, and they end up using heavy creams and other products that affect the skin.

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Home treatments for Oily Skin

  • Wash your face regularly, it can help you to reduce the amount of oil on your skin. You must avoid fragrance soaps, harsh chemicals, and added moisturizers.
  • You should also avoid using rough washcloths like loofahs etc., as this added friction may help your skin to stimulate more oil.
  • Use a good chemical-free toner, it will help to heal your oily skin. A study says astringent toners that contain alcohol help to make your skin dry.
  • Use the facial mask at least twice a week. There are specific facial masks comes in the market especially for oily skin such as honey mask, clay mask, and oatmeal, etc. masks are known one of the best tricks for treating oily skin.
foods for skin

What you serve you to eat is even more important than what you apply on your skin. Everything you consume becomes a part of not only your inner being but the outer layer of your body. Consuming healthy skin diet, make your skin glowing and youthful. Here we have compiled the list of 10 foods for healthy and younger looking skin. Right, and timely intake of healthy skin diet will help to make your skin healthy and more youthful than ever.


  1. Leafy dark greens (kale, spinach, collards): Vitamins A, C, and E; omega-3s; protein

Chlorophyll- A disease-fighting phytochemical which protects against free radicals that can cause your skin to age.

Lutein- A powerful antioxidant which boosts hydration levels, helps to improve elasticity and protects against sun damage

Carotenoids-Antioxidants- Protect cells from skin cancer. They also have a high level of fibre, iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.


  1. Eggs: Protein, vitamins A and E, selenium, zinc

Amino acids- Amino acids are essential to generate new proteins such as collagen and elastin within the skin cells, which provides strength to our skin tissue, and other proteins such as melanin contribute to our skin’s color.

Vitamin A- The vitamin A helps your cells manage gene activity, which is necessary for new cell growth, including the development of new skin cells, and the growth of new tissue needed for wound healing.

Vitamin D- Like Vitamin A, Vitamin D also helps to control gene activity, which makes it crucial for the growth f new cells. It controls the growth of the protein-rich cells called keratinized that make up the outermost layers of your skin tissue.


  1. Fatty fish (salmon, sardines, tuna): protein, omega-3s, selenium


Omega-3 fats- Reduces inflammation, which is responsible for causing redness and acne. They are considered good for even sensitive skin and protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Zinc — A mineral vital for regulating inflammation, the production of new skin cells and overall skin health.

Vitamin E- protects skin against damage from free radicals and inflammation


  1. Flaxseeds: omega-3s, selenium


Omega-3 essentials, high fibre content ensure that the digestive track is clear and clean, which is the best technical way to prevent acne and other skin problems

Antioxidants- There are found in flax seeds are well known for fighting free radicals damage. These free radicals tend to interact with other molecules in the body, which cause oxidative damage resulting in the development of a wide range of illnesses and diseases, such as skin cancer


  1. Legumes (lentils, chickpeas): protein, zinc

Nutrients that can protect your body from the aging effects of free radicals, a nasty process called oxidation


  1. Avocados: healthy fats, vitamins C and E

Glutathione which reduces the production of melanin (the skin-darkening pigment) levels by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in its production.

The presence of Vitamins C and E in avocado helps the skin against infighting UV damage


  1. Sweet Potatoes: Vitamin A, Antioxidants


Beta-carotene- This is converted to an active form of vitamin A (retinol) once ingested. Vitamin A is required for cell production and growth.

Collagen- an antioxidant which is the main component in the skin and other connective tissues


  1. Blueberries: Vitamin C

Vitamin C- Play an essential role in collagen synthesis and found in high levels of various skin layers. It also prevents ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage

Anthocyanins- This is a flavonoid and a pigment responsible for the purple, red, and blue plant crops. Anthocyanins may be beneficial in stopping the development and progression of skin cancer


  1. Oranges: Vitamin C

Antioxidants- fight free radicals which may slow down the production of wrinkles and stop premature aging.

Citric acid- aids in skin exfoliation and helps to dry out acne, improving the overall look of your skin.


  1. Green tea: vitamin B3& E

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)- This antioxidant effectively works to reactive the reproduction process of skin cells, giving dull skin a healthier glow & rejuvenating dying skin cells

Vitamin E- helps promote cell regeneration. This vitamin works to hydrate and nourishes the skin.


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Sexual Health

yoga pose

When you think about improving your sex life, cosmopolitan articles, and books based on sexual health likely flash through your mind. But still, they didn’t get the right idea to follow a healthy sexual life. For such people, we bring you with some science-backed suggestions lifestyle adjustments, and benefits of yoga that can have a just as big effect on your sexual life as anything written in a book.

The following suggestions will spice things up with your partner and improve your sexual life. Consider these things, year’s findings from sexual health professionals. Here’s what science says you should focus on improving sex life:

  • Consider some erotic fiction- There are so many ways you and your partner can turn in on. Reading erotic fiction is one of the oldest and effective natural ways to get in the mood for sex. Reading in a calm environment and allows you to concentrate on your body and keep you away from external distractions. The stories are not only for entertainment purpose but also provide you with some good ideas for what you and your partner can get up to. One can also try mood, including activities such as erotic massaging, sensual communication, etc.

  • Eat a ton of aphrodisiac foods- Focus on foods that are pleasurable, and sensual to eat like peaches, figs, chocolates, and oysters. These foods are the most famous aphrodisiac and taste good.

  • Pay attention to your body reactions towards birth control– Whether you are using a pill, the patch, or an IUD, putting hormones into your body can decrease your sex drive. While taking birth control pills, consider tracking your arousal levels before taking the pill and then for a few months while taking the pill, and then compare the two. The effects vastly differ in women taking birth control pills. If you are taking the pill for a long time trying to stop it and see if that changes things. But be sure to use another protective measure. One can also talk to their sexual health expert to investigate a copper IUD, which is a very effective birth control measure.

  • Try dealing with your stress- According to clinical studies, stress and anxiety are considered as the biggest sex drive killers. Sexual stimulation is difficult if you are stressed out or depressed. Not getting aroused will stress you more at that time. To get rid of stress and anxiety, you need to make some lifestyle changes. To lead a happy and healthy sex life, you need to create a space in your life for it. It is good to spend 20 minutes of uninterrupted quality time with your partner every day. Avoid checking emails, or Instagram distractions for the time; try to spend electronic free quality time with your better half. This will increase the communication between the two, which help you get stimulated and allow you to leave a healthy sex life. Stress management is the best treatment for ED.

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Benefits of Yoga

Perhaps a lesser-known way to solve sexual issues like erectile dysfunction or ED is yoga. The benefits of yoga are countless. The practice can help the body to relax, which is one of the main factors that support achieving an erection satisfactory for intercourse. This way yoga improves overall cardiovascular health of a man, reducing stress and anxiety. Treatment for ED is necessary so try these seven yoga poses to beat ED:

  1. Plank (kumbhakasana)-One of the most beneficial poses, plank improves endurance during intercourse. You get upper strength as the additional benefit.
  2. Boat pose (Naukasana)- The practice of boat pose activates male sex hormones and help them to stay longer in between the sheets by strengthening the pelvic muscles.
  3. Raised leg pose (uttanpadasana)- Practising this posture strengthen your core muscles and help you last longer in bed, particularly when you opt for the classic missionary position. Raised leg position includes your pelvic area, thus boosting blood flow to the area.
  4. Bow pose (dhanurasana)-Bow pose stimulated reproductive organs. Apart from solving erection issues, bow pose also helps a man with premature ejaculation.
  5. Half-moon pose (ardhachandrasana)-This is extremely beneficial for improving sexual stamina and endurance which are crucial factors for sexual health. The half-moon pose also assists with toning the pelvic area.
  6. Half camel pose (ardhaustrasana)-The pose has a beneficial impact on man’s reproductive system. It improves digestion and helps tone the entire body.
  7. Seated forward bend (pachimottanasana)-This is another, yet effective yoga pose that can combats ED and help a man to last longer in the bedroom. It targets perineal muscles that are present in between scrotum and penis, resulting in improvement and endurance and strength.

Yoga benefits male sexual health. It improves blood flow and strengthens muscles to help you perform better in between the sheets.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence refers to the condition of weak sex drive and it is particularly a problem with men. Those men who suffer from ED remain unable to achieve a strong erection and thereby fail to satisfy their partner in the bed. It is a common cause for male infertility or lower libido in men. Therefore, sexual desire in men is killed. There are millions of cases of ED across the world. Experts recommend some natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Such home treatments are effective as well as affordable.

There are several medicinal options for ED but natural or home solutions are still preferred as they don’t have any side effects as such. Take a look at some of such effective natural treatments for ED.

  1. Healthy Diet:

Diet is the most crucial factor for the treatment of weak sex drive or ED. It is essential to have the right minerals and vitamins for erectile dysfunction treatment. Your diet rich-in effective elements can make a difference in the treatment of ED.  Some particular food items including green vegetables, red meat, wholegrain, fish, carrot, almonds, nuts, and berries play a very important role in improving sex drive.

  1. Arginine:

This element is found in many food products. It has the capacity to relax blood vessels for the treatment of heart problem. Its role in the treatment of ED makes it an obvious choice, as it can boost blood circulation in the penis. You can take L-citrulline to boost the production of arginine to treat male infertility.

  1. Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise plays an important role in the treatment of ED and it does not pose any side effects as well. Besides improving blood circulation, exercise is also helpful in improving overall health. The health benefits of exercise are not unknown and it’s quite effective in boosting sex drive. Take a session of just 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day to elevate your sex drive.

  1. Take food supplements to treat ED:

Along with the exercise, you have to take some particular minerals and vitamins for erectile dysfunction. Some specific elements that include folic acid (Vitamin B12) and B vitamin are effective in the production of nitric oxide which is needed to boost sex drive. Men can naturally elevate their sex performance by taking food items rich in folic acids. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and vitamin D are some other important vitamins that men should consume to boost their sex drive.

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  1. Get rid of overweight to boost sex drive:

Obesity or overweight is a big obstacle in the treatment of male infertility. You have to reduce waistline to fight erectile dysfunction. In other words, weight loss can help you in staying healthy and sexually strong. Overweight poses the risks for various health conditions like vascular disease, asthma, ED and diabetes. Therefore, try to be slim and drop excess of fats to improve your sex life.

  1. Take the help of acupuncture:

Acupuncture is one of the long-used and effective treatments for male infertility. There have been a lot of advancements in this treatment method over many decades. People suffering from weak sex drive can take the help of a licensed acupuncturist who can administer this treatment correctly to boost your sex drive.

Diet and Fitness

Lower Blood Pressure

What you eat has a real effect on your overall health including blood pressure. Your eating pattern will decide your blood pressure levels. If you are dealing with high blood pressure or have hypertension, it is the right time to make healthy dietary changes. If you have been prescribed with blood pressure medicines, then a healthy diet can reduce the number you may need to manage appropriate blood pressure levels. For people with hypertension, following an eating pattern that supports healthy blood pressure may eventually help to avoid Bp tablets.

Benefits of Blood Pressure Friendly Eating Habits

People with high blood pressure are more likely to get heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. Hypertension usually goes undiagnosed because people who have this condition typically show no symptoms and persistently high blood pressure can significantly increase the risk of heart attack. Now the question arises how to control blood pressure? The first line of defence against hypertension is to get your blood pressure checked regularly. You can take the help of your health care specialist to know about your condition. The condition can be easily reversed by following healthy lifestyle habits like healthy eating and regular physical activity. Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining blood pressure. Eating a healthy diet is crucial for not only managing blood pressure but also reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and other potential threats.

Dietary Changes to Lower Blood Pressure

Research suggests that lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your blood pressure. By following these steps, you can achieve a normal range of blood pressure.

  1. Maintain body weight- One of the most effective ways to reduce elevated blood pressure is to lose extra pounds. Shedding extra kilos doesn’t require major efforts to make a difference. Even losing a few extra pounds can significantly lower your blood pressure.
  2. Check the labels-A diet rich in sodium can contribute to high blood pressure. For individuals with hypertension, the recommended total amount of sodium is 1500 milligrams per day, and it will not take much sodium to reach the recommended levels than taking 3 to 4 teaspoons of salt. It is very difficult to reduce sodium intake with reading food labels while shopping for food items in a grocery shop. Eliminate high sodium foods from your diet by reading labels carefully. Beware of eating high sodium foods such as pizza, bread, rolls, poultry, sandwiches, soup, etc.
  3. Get enough exercise– It doesn’t take much physical workout to make a difference in your overall health. Thirty minutes of moderate to intense workout for five days help you manage blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks. Physical activities like dancing, cycling, and brisk walking can help maintain a healthy body. You can also go with weight lifting to help get rid of extra weight and stay fit.

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  1. Drink in moderation- Drinking too much alcohol can put you at increased risk of high blood pressure. So drink in moderation and if it is possible to stop drinking for your better well being.
  2. Practice stress management- When you are in stress, your body tends to release stress hormone called cortisol which tends to constrict blood vessels and can lead to temporary spikes high blood pressure. Also, stress gives rise to unhealthy habits like overeating, poor sleep, alcohol abuse and use of illicit drugs that put you at cardiovascular health risk. If you are stressed that reducing stress should be your priority if you are looking for ways to lower your blood pressure.
  3. Reduce the use of dairy products- Use of dairy products like milk, and yogurt has been linked to greater reductions in blood pressure. Reduce fat intake by reducing the use of milk, cheese, and yogurt in your diet and look for ways to include these food items as a nourishing snack. You can try reduced fat yogurt with wholegrain cereals, topped with berries and nut as a healthy recipe.
  4. Feast on nuts and seeds- Nuts and seeds are not only delicious but are nutritious as well. Nuts and seeds contain healthy unsaturated fats, essential vitamins, and minerals that are extremely healthy. A handful of unsalted nuts is linked to lower levels of blood pressure.
Gut Health

By and large, the fitness and wellness of your body are related to your gut health. Whatever you eat and drink make a direct impact on your gut. There are two ways to improve your gut health; take gastric drugs or medications to improve a metabolic process or take home solutions that comprise the intake of green and healthy diets to healing the gastrointestinal problems.

Few tips to improve Gut Health: 

  1. Emphasize on food products to improve gut health:

The food and beverages products we take can play a vital role in improving gut health. In other words, the health and function of your gut are directly influenced by our food habit, so there is nothing as important as the edible items to take in a day. There are some very important elements or components that are helpful in elevating gut health.

  1. Help to develop good bacteria for a healthy gut environment:

There are numerous microbes that are actually bacteria causing disease or fermentation. Their presence is essential to create new microbiota to change the form of food we eat. These microbes are also responsible for gastrointestinal health, as they determine which bacteria thrive in your gut. The development of good gut bugs is needed to improve gut health. There are certain food products like plant-based foods, vegetables, beans, grain, and mineral water are helpful to create a healthy gut environment.

  1. Importance of probiotics and prebiotics:

There are two important compounds called Probiotics and Prebiotics; probiotics are beneficial for a healthy gut and prebiotics are food for these bacteria. Prebiotics refer to the foods needed to fertilize the existing gut bacteria and promote the development of microbes. Whatever we eat can directly influence the volume of both the compounds. By eating the right food products, you can increase the volume of probiotics and prebiotics. Fermented food and some food supplements promote probiotics. Similarly, prebiotics is found in certain food products, fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains.

  1. Take fiber- and vitamin-rich food products to improve gut health:

Research studies have found that we need about 40 grams of fiber a day to maintain a healthy gut. It is required to supply good bacteria. You have to take a balanced diet comprising a protein, vitamins, fatty acids and fiber to improve immune capacity and combat inflammation. A balanced diet is also necessary to reduce the intake of gastric drugs and other medication to suppress gastric reflux.

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Important 5 Diet Tips for Healthy Gut:

People suffering from gastric reflux and gut problem are advised to follow some easy diet tips in order to improve gut health and increase metabolism. These tips include:

  • Fiber is one of the most important elements needed to improve gut health. For that, you should eat sufficient amount of seasonal fruit, vegetables, nuts, oats, pulses, and wholegrain. Such food items have plenty of fibers and do promote the development of healthy bacteria to improve gastrointestinal
  • Eat probiotic foods like yogurt, kefir, soybean, buttermilk, cheese, coconut, apple cider vinegar, miso, etc. These food items encourage microbes to grow in order to improve gut health.
  • Avoid the heavy intake of antibiotics and hard gastric drugs that could kill good bacteria.
  • Try to stay away from the oily, fried, packaged and processed foods. Such products promote bad bacteria and suppress good bacteria so that you suffer from gastrointestinal problems more often.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water and nutritional beverages that can gradually improve gut health. Don’t let dehydration overpower your immune system and weaken your gut.