Precautions to avoid pregnancy

Pregnancy is a major event in the life of a person and therefore, it should be a well-planned step. You will be entirely responsible for the person all your life so if you are not ready emotionally, and financially, it is best to take the precautions to avoid pregnancy till you are ready.

precautions to avoid pregnancy

It is possible to prevent pregnancy through both natural and manmade methods of birth control. However, natural methods may not give good results. It is good to take the help of modern precautions to avoid pregnancy as well.

There are several contraceptive methods that are available today using which a couple can avoid getting pregnant. These methods differ in action as well as effectiveness. The method to use depends on the convenience of the couples. However, before you use any method, it is important that you go into the details of every method and pick the one that best suits your circumstances and is comfortable for both you and your partner.

Prevent pregnancy methods:

Here are some ways to avoid pregnancy:

Refrain from having sex without a condom – This is one of the best ways to avoid pregnancy. Condoms have a rubber latex covering that prevents the sperms from entering the vagina. If you engage in sex without a condom, there are high chances of getting pregnant or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. There are both male and female condoms available in the market. As per reports, the male condom is more effective in preventing pregnancy.

Take a daily contraceptive pill – Women must take pills regularly as one of the important precautions to avoid pregnancy. It is important not to miss even a single pill as otherwise it can increase the risks of getting pregnant. Also, make sure to take the pill at a scheduled time every day to increase its efficacy.

Use protection even in periods – It is a myth that you cannot get pregnant while having sex during your periods. Also, unprotected sex at this time increases your chances of infections.

Pulling out before ejaculation – This is not a full proof way to prevent pregnancy. A penis always carries the chances of making a woman pregnant. It is best to stay safe by using a condom.

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Keep exposed genitals away from each other – It is best to avoid rubbing exposed genitals against each other or even around the areas. There is a great risk of a sperm entering the vagina and causing pregnancy.

Vasectomy – It is a permanent and safe birth control for men. A small surgery is done where the vasa deferentia that carries the sperms is cut and further transfer of sperms is blocked. The method becomes effective after about three months of the surgery.

Tubectomy – This is a permanent method of surgery for women. The fallopian tubes are blocked through surgery to stop the eggs from entering the ovary.

Intrauterine device – It is a T-shaped device that is planted in the uterus to stop the sperms from coming into contact with the egg. Your doctor will insert it for you. It is a safe and long lasting way to avoid getting pregnant.

Diaphragm – This is a rubber dome that is placed in the vagina. It covers the cervix and is used together with the spermicide to help prevent sperm movements. It helps keep sperms away from the eggs and thus can be used as one of the precautions to avoid pregnancy.

Ovulation method – This is a natural method, according to which a couple should avoid having sex on the days the woman is ovulating. However, the problem with this method is that if there is even a little difference in calculations, there is a risk of pregnancy. While there are many ways to calculate the days, this is not the safest way to avoid pregnancy.

If you have been wondering how to prevent pregnancy, it is recommended that you do a thorough research on the various contraceptive options. You can also consult your doctor to know more about the precautions to avoid pregnancy. He or she can help you choose a suitable contraceptive method to help you avoid the risk of getting pregnant.

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