Promote Hair Growth and Prevent Hair Loss

A good-looking hairstyle can clearly make a distinction in the crowd, but hair loss or hair pattern is something that could dent your smart look. Although some factors causing hair loss are not under your control but you can use the hair growth products and follow some tips for hair loss prevention to protect and grow your hair to a good extent.

Why we require hair growth measures:

Hair grows at a natural pace, about a half-an-inch in a month. Remember that there are no shortcuts to growing long and luscious hair. In yesteryears, hair loss or gray hair used to be a sign of aging but things have changed now. Today’s lifestyles and mental stress have become a cause of hair fall and people could face hair problems in their younger age. Some common hair problems that most of the adult people experience are hair loss, split ends, dandruff, and hair follicle damage. You have to consider the good, effective and safe measures or hair loss treatment to promote hair growth.

Promote Hair Growth and Prevent Hair Loss

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Tips for hair growth promotion:

  • Take healthy diet

A healthy diet has no substitute and if you are looking to prevent hair fall or hair loss then you cannot compromise with the nutritious food items. Experts who recommend hair loss treatment for men advise taking foods rich in vitamins A, B, B-complex, C, and E as well as essential minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, and selenium. These substances can foster hair growth and make hair follicles stronger.

Some particular food items like milk, cheese, whole grains, salmon, spinach, yogurt, chicken, eggs, broccoli, parsley, grapefruit, avocado, bell peppers, cabbage, brown bread, alfalfa, and oats should be taken regularly. You can add some juicy fruits including orange, grapes, and berries along with beet, carrot, and banana to compensate the important ingredients needed for the hair loss prevention.

Your diet should not be devoid of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E that sufficiently prevent hair thinning and loss. If you are undertaking a medication or hair fall treatment then healthy foods are must support the treatment.

Protein is another important element that can help you prevent the damage of hair follicles. Emphasize more on the edible products like fish, seeds, beans, nuts, pulse, eggs, and meats to uplift the level of protein in your body.

  • Massage hair scalp

The hair massage is essential to promote blood flow to the scalp that helps to make hair follicles strong to prevent hair fall. You can use a natural oil to massage your hair and deep shake the follicles. Apply this practice at least once a week and rinse your hair after about 30 minutes of the massage.

  • Take hair growth supplements

Some particular vitamins or supplements are available to help you reduce the amount of hair fall. Those who have biotin deficiency are more likely to develop the problem of hair thinning. The biotin supplements are available to compensate its shortage in the body. Moreover, you can take some other supplements like fish oil, folic acid, kelp, saw palmetto, and ginseng that can help in the hair loss prevention or hair fall treatment. Folic acid and biotin are considered as the specific B-complex vitamins (vitamin B9 and B7 respectively) that can intensify hair growth in both men and women.

  • Minimum use of chemical products

The use of more chemical products in the forms of shampoo and cosmetic oils does not help the hair loss treatment for men and women. The daily use of chemical-rich hair care items can actually damage and weaken hair follicles, leading to hair fall. On the other hand, the contact of herbal products will help to clean dandruff and strengthen hair follicles. It’s also helpful to promote the natural shine of the hair.

  • Maintain hair and trim regularly

You have to maintain your hair with care in order to prevent any forced damage of the follicles. Regular cutting and trimming of hair can reduce the risk of hair brittle split ends. Proper shampooing, combing, air-drying, and protection from dust and heat are necessary for the hair loss prevention.

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