Unexpected Healthy Use of Honey you could ever know

The sweet golden liquid from the beehive is a famous kitchen staple that contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that are being advantageous since early times. Honey is a natural sweetener that has manifold nutritional benefits, subject to its variety.

Its scientific superpowers make it beneficial in dealing with health problems. Honey is commonly used as a sweetener, made up of 70-80 percent sugar and the rest are water, minerals, and proteins. It can also be used to combat allergies. In fact, honey is a major health supplement that takes care of many issues.

Unexpected Healthy Use of Honey you could ever know

Unexpected Healthy Use of Honey – a simple health tips

Honey is a natural aid to many of the health issues. It has been used as a major health care tool since ancient times. It has many more uses other than to treat a sore throat or a cough. Below are listed some of the unexpected healthy uses of honey:

  • Treats Burns- It is a natural antibiotic that acts both internally and externally. It can be used as a treatment for wounds and burns by disinfecting them. It also reduces the healing time of burns and doesn’t leave much scarring if compared with other treatments.

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  • Boosts Memory- It is loaded with antioxidants that may help prevent cellular damage and loss within the brain. Especially, in menopause a daily spoonful of honey, may boost postmenopausal women’s memory. Its ability to help the body absorb calcium aids brain health.
  • Treats Herpes – It is an effective treatment for both oral and genital herpes, as speedily as any of the ointment. It’s also help in reducing itchiness.
  • Beneficial for Diabetics– It has a lower glycemic index than sugar that means it won’t shoot up your blood sugar levels the way sugar does. It has a sweeter taste than sugar and helps in using less sweetener in foods and simultaneously it reduces sweet cravings. Hence, using honey instead of pure sugar will help you to keep your blood sugar levels in control. Thus, honey is any day a better option than sugar.
  • Cancer Treatment– Its antioxidant properties make it an effective tool to prevent or treat cancer. It is effective in restricting cancer cells from multiplying. Honey is an essential requirement in the health tips prescribed to a cancer patient.
  • Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids– Hemorrhoids leads to itching and pain in the anus, as well as blood in the stool, making one fall in an intolerable Honey combined with olive oil and beeswax becomes a home remedy that combats hemorrhoids symptoms. This mixture soothes the pain, itching and also bleeding.
  • Dressing for Wounds and Ulcers– Since the early ages, it is used for dressing wounds and it also effectively works better and heals Honey boosts healing, decreases pain, odor and also wound’s size. It can also be proved effective in treating antibiotic resistant bacteria and long-term ulcers, also the wounds caused after surgeries and from burns.
  • Boosts Fertility– Honey has the properties that promote fertility in both the genders. It increases the sperm count in males, but an excess of honey can also negatively affect fertility in them.
  • Psoriasis– It is a skin issue that leads to redness, blisters, itching and even lesions. Honey is proved to be more effective for such issues as compared to other creams or ointments. The mixture of honey, olive oil, and beeswax combats redness, scaling and itching.
  • Fights Dandruff– Honey temporarily relieves the scalp by treating dandruff. Applying honey diluted with 10 percent warm water to the affected areas and then leaving it on for three hours and then rinsing it off aids itching and no scaling within a week. Skin lesions can also be healed up within a short span and also benefits in hair loss cases.
  • Sleep Aid– Similar to sugar, honey also causes a rise in insulin and then release serotonin (a neurotransmitter that improves mood and happiness). Then, the body converts serotonin into melatonin (a chemical compound that improves the quality of sleep). Thus, honey can be a health aid for sleepless nights.

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Honey has been utilized for its medicinal properties for over 2000 years and continues its legacy as a multipurpose health aid. But one thing to be taken care of, consult your doctor before using it medicinally. This will provide you precautions to be taken and also will make you confident about the honey treatment you want to opt for.

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