5 Health Tips For Men Above 30

Entering 30’s has always been a cause of concern for guys as well as girls. This is the time when guys actually get serious about life. The shoulders bigger responsibilities like home ownership, real career, children and so on. All this gives rise to health conditions that can prove more serious for men over 30 years of age.

However, there are ways that can help in making things a bit easier for guys. Let’s check out what needs to be done to improve men’s health if they have crossed 30 years.

1. Bone health

One of the main reasons for men over 30 years to be concerned about is their bone health. Most of the men get bone related problems as the bone mass starts deteriorating after 30 years which may also lead to osteoporosis. It is necessary that people over 30 years of age should get a DEXA scan (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) which measures bone density. Men who have a family routine of osteoporosis, have smoking habit or don’t exercise as needed are the ones who may experience a loss in bone health. It is possible for men to increase their bone health by taking 1,000 milligrams of calcium with a combination of 400 IU of vitamin D in everyday diet. This will increase the absorption of bone formation nutrients.

yoga asanas2. Time to yoga

Physical fitness is very important as it increases flexibility by keeping the male muscles and connective tissues strong and healthy. Yoga is a great way to keep the body active through different yoga asanas. This also helps in reducing blood pressure levels and ensures that the heart rate remains normal.

3. Prostate cancer

People who have got prostate cancer after 30 years of age have more treatment options as compared to the ones who have got it in later years. It has been found that only one in 10,000 men under 40 years are diagnosed with it. Prostate cancer can be detected early if men observe some of its common symptoms such as frequent urination, painful urination or ejaculation and difficulty in maintaining an erection.

4. Stop overeating

Men who have crossed their 30’s need to take utmost care of their food habits. The best diet for men would include foods that help in keeping the muscles and connective tissues fit and healthy. Men who fail to follow a strict diet plan may experience an increase in body fat and waist size. So, avoid having heavy meals at a time and instead opt for short meals which can be consumed after every four hours.

5. Visit the family doctor

Nowadays, it has become very common for men to get health issues related to cholesterol, body fat and blood pressure. As the current lifestyle has resulted in this, it has become necessary for people to take utmost care of their health. Men who are above 30 years need to make a schedule to visit the doctor regularly. These regular visits can help in getting information about the potential health issues and the ways to deal with them.

Men over 30 years are more prone to health issues so it is important for them to take careful measures and medications that will help in preventing any kind of health issues. Apart from having healthy foods and exercising regularly, it is essential for men to have supplements which can also help in becoming fit and healthy. AllDayChemist is one such online pharmacy that offers a wide range of supplements which prove beneficial for improving health.

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