6 Asthma Myths Debunked

When you find yourself trouble breathing because of asthma, you reach for your prescribed inhaler {Asthalin HFA Inhaler – 100 mcg (200 MDI)} to get your breath back. An asthma attack can occur at any time, which may put you in an uncomfortable situation. People around you start asking questions and giving you unnecessary advice based on misconceptions about your health condition.

Being an asthma patient you feel so helpless at the time of an asthma attack. In this situation, you may land up believing any information that is thrown at you. In this way, asthma myths reach to asthma patients. This ultimately contributes to numerous misconceptions and myths that do more damage than good. Here are such common myths that an asthma patient should not believe:


  1. Using a steroid inhaler will make your hair fall, cause thinning of bones, and increase weight

This applies to high doses of steroid tablets, when taken for a long time, can make you prone to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or thinning of bones. But the dose you take via your steroid inhaler is tiny. An asthma inhaler works at a low dose because the medicine goes straight to your lungs where it is needed when it is taken through the inhaler. Hence, you are less likely to experience any harm when you are using a steroid inhaler to back on track. If you have a severe asthma attack because you haven’t used a steroid inhaler, you will need steroid pills at a higher dose.

  1. Take asthma medications when an attack occurs

No, being an asthma patient, you must take asthma medications regularly because it is believed that asthma drugs are more affected when taken on a regular basis. Earlier it was suggested by medical experts that an asthma patient can inhale steroids when an attack occurred. However, now many researchers have been introducing their theory that taking asthma medication on a daily basis is more beneficial.  According to the new research studies, it is better to continue with the medication even you feel perfectly fine. This is the best way to control an asthma attack. Asthalin HFA Inhaler – 100 mcg (200 MDI) can be taken daily to prevent asthma symptoms.

  1. Asthma affects only young people

According to the clinical data, it is estimated that around one in 10 children are affected by Asthma. Although asthma is more common in kids, one in 20 adults also has asthma. Most of them had this respiratory condition since childhood, but asthma can sometimes occur in later life.   Though wheezing and breathless which starts later in life are the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), a lung condition usually down to smoking.

  1. Asthma affects your airways not your mind

Many asthma patients have noticed that stress and anxiety triggers an asthma attack. Well, that may true for some people, but tension and fear do not give rise to asthma attacks. Therefore, one can safely assume that this respiratory condition is not a psychological ailment.

  1. Asthma is not dangerous

Asthma may not get as much attention as heart disease or cancer, but being able to breathe is vital for life. Even when asthma symptoms are not life-threatening, they can still have a serious impact on the quality of life of an asthma patient. The respiratory condition is that main reason why most kids miss school and adults miss the office, especially when it is undiagnosed or undertreated. Undoubtedly, asthma is a dangerous disease, it can kill if it is not adequately treated. But fortunately, we can fight with the condition with better education and awareness. If your condition affects breathing, get your issues checked as soon as possible.

  1. You shouldn’t exercise if you have asthma

Physical activity in moderation will help you make your lung more strong and help you lead a healthy life. Regular exercise also helps prevent obesity, which causes worsening of asthma.

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