cucumbersCucumbers are super cool with added benefits. Just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C, Folic acid, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. Include cucumber in your daily diet, lose weight, improve your health and become cool like a cucumber!

Cucumber is well known for having best natural medicinal benefits and is very beneficial for patients of kidney and urinary bladder disease. People with high Blood Pressure and Cholesterol should add cucumbers to their daily diet. Use of cucumber in ones diet is also known to have helped in lowering cholesterol levels.

The seeds of a cucumber have medicinal qualities. If you are suffering from constipation, eat a cucumber. Better yet, just add some cucumbers to your daily diet. You can try and experiment with cucumber in your diet. You can have cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches, cucumber with a little salt, extra cucumber in your tabouli, toss a cucumber on your salad, make cucumber pickle by pouring the hot vinegar mixture over slices of cold, crisp cucumber. These pickles have the perfect balance of sour and sweet giving you satisfaction of having good for health food.

You can make yourself a lettuce and cucumber sandwich for lunch which will help keeping you satiated while taking care of your waist line. It accelerates metabolism, has medicinal properties and eliminates toxins and excess body water.

It is also useful in curbing unnecessary binges. Fight those hunger pangs, eat some cucumber. Whenever you feel hungry, eat cucumber. It’s less on calories and high on filling.

While having breakfast, skip other smoothies and make yourself a cucumber smoothie. Indeed, the juice of cucumber is a very refreshing drink that promotes the rejuvenation of muscles. It also helps to strengthen hair and nails. It is an essential for those undergoing a weight loss diet since the increase in metabolism and decrease in intake of calories will only provide one with appropriate weight loss.

Eat cucumber salads for lunch or dinner. Having a light dinner is very essential in weight loss. You can add cucumbers to any salad, but it’s even better to make a salad of cucumbers. Chopped salads with a base of roughly chopped cucumbers mixed with whatever else you have that needs eating. Adding leftovers to your salad will help come up with new recipes with cucumber as the base.

Cucumber soup can be had with an easy salad with grilled chicken or steak, or on a bed of greens for a satisfying meal. You can also have crunchy cucumber sticks with creamy low-fat yogurt dip.

You can also have cucumber salsa as lunch or as a side dressing with a dish. Peel the cucumber, and then chop into tiny cubes, remove the seeds if you need to, add chopped tomato or salad seedless tomatoes, chopped onion and chopped cilantro for a thick tasty diet salsa. You can even cut pieces of cucumber dipped in yogurt and have them for lunch. It can go with any type of food and tastes really delicious.

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