Best birth control tips for travelers

A family trip is a time to enjoy a different world where you would not like to make your partner feel uncomfortable with the unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, it is better to keep enough birth control pills as well as try some other contraceptive methods while enjoying your relationship. Keep birth control measures while travelling

As a couple when you plan to travel out of station for some days, you cannot ignore the monthly menstrual cycle. Sometimes it is very frustrating that you are on a trip and, at the same time, your menstrual period starts. It can spoil your trip and increase the probability of pregnancy if you miss to take contraceptive pills. You should learn about the best birth control methods that not only make you feel relaxed but also lower the chances of unwanted pregnancy. So, you can travel carefree and enjoy the journey without worrying about pregnancy. birth control pils for travelers

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Here are some best birth control measures that you would not like to miss. Contraceptive pills prove to be effective: The contraceptive pills or anti-pregnancy pills are the most common and most effective method to prevent pregnancy. Since 1960, the birth control pills have become a very popular form of female contraception. Its success rate is above 95%. If you are travelling and at the same time you suspect of the monthly period, it’s better to carry sufficient contraceptive pills that you can take regularly. If you are not using a condom or other forms of prevention, these contraceptive pills lower the chances of unwanted pregnancy. These pills are available in two forms – combined contraceptive pills that contain the hormones estrogen and progestin and mini-pill (only progestin). Those who are taking mini-pills should take one pill every day after 3-4 hours of intercourse. Try to get the best birth control pill that suits you well. Use condom: A condom is said to be the best, effective and safe contraceptive that is easy to use. It is quite affordable and offers the best protection against STIs (chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, and other infections). If you are journeying from one place to other with your partner, a condom can be used without any worries. Among various forms of contraceptives, condoms are widely used and they prove to be the best birth control method. Apart from a male, now female condoms are also available to use. Both male and female condoms are usually made of latex, but if you are allergic to latex, some leading market brands are offering condoms made of polyurethane or lambskin. Use cervical cap: The cervical cap is a thimble-shaped small latex cup in a diaphragm shape. It has to be used along with a spermicide. The best part of the cervical cap is that it does not hurt you and your male partner. It remains in the vagina at least 6 hours after sex, but it has to be ejected within 48 hours after sex. Those who experience side effects of birth control pills can use cervical cap even if they are on travel or staying at home. Birth control injection: The use of birth control injection is not a bad idea if your body does not show any side effects of it. Usually, one injection is recommended after every 12-13 weeks. If you have to travel in the next one month then you can contact your doctor to get an injection to prevent pregnancy. Usually, Depo-Provera shots are given to lower the chances of pregnancy.

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Some other birth control tips: There are some easy and useful tips to prevent the chances of pregnancy while you are on travel.

You just have to take precautions such as:

While travelling for long hours, you should not remain in sitting position. Try to stretch your legs and keep changing your position. It will help to reduce the risk of contraception failure. Prefer to drink as much water as you can instead of tea, soda, coffee or soft drink on travel Discuss your partner before making a physical relationship. Insist your partner to use condoms to avoid pregnancy or any sexual infections. Don’t miss to take the best birth control pills when you are on travel. Make it a regular habit as long as you don’t want to conceive. Outercourse, abstinence and the use of birth control patch are very good methods to try if you can. They will not spoil your relationship and prevent the chances of pregnancy as well. Consult your doctor what contraceptive pills you can take on a trip as it will help to make your vacation happy and memorable.

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