12 Tips : Breast Cancer prevention

Breast cancer is one of the major forms of cancer in the world today. It is a deadly condition to fight against. Here are some breast cancer prevention tips that will help you to remain safe and healthy:

breast cancer prevention

Be informed: Studies have shown that over 80% cases of breast cancer are first detected by victims. Check for lumps or any other usual thing and notify your doctor immediately. Do breast self-examination once every month. In case you find any abnormalities, visit your doctor immediately. The sooner you detect, the better are the chances of successful treatment.

Massage your breasts every day: It helps stimulate the flow of oxygen and blood, which in turn increases the lymphatic drainage.

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Healthy diet: Adopt a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and low in refined carbohydrates, fatty foods and sugared drinks. Include whole grains and lean proteins to help in breast cancer prevention. Get rid of all foods that contain additives, preservatives, artificial colourings and chemicals. Read all labels carefully before you buy any food. Eat antioxidant rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and use vegetable oils over animal fats. Eat your food slowly and chew it thoroughly. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Decrease the usage of prescription and over the counter drugs. Use herbs whenever possible.

Improve the air around you by decorating your surroundings with plants. If you live in a much-polluted area, you can use an air filter. Yoga and aerobic exercises help to increase the oxygen in the body cells. It is important for good health.
One of the important breast cancer prevention tips is to engage in a regular regime of exercises. Studies have shown that women who exercise at least four hours a week have been shown to have less stress and diseases.

Wear clothes made of natural materials:The skin is the biggest organ of detoxification, and natural fabrics enable your skin to breathe. Avoid dry cleaning your clothes as much as possible as the carcinogenic materials present in the dry cleaned clothes can get into the system through the skin. Avoid the usage of harsh anti-per spirants, deodorants, soaps, detergents, lotion, make-up, hair dye, etc. The chemicals that you use on your skin enter the body and create toxins. Take saunas, steam baths, herbal baths and wraps, and have massages as often as possible. These things help in detoxification.

Avoid wearing very tight bras with underwires: Be without your bra as much as possible. Tight underwear decreases lymph drainage that exposes the breasts to toxins.

Take charge of your body and overall wellness: Find a health care provider whom you can trust to guide you. Let go of any stress in the body. Find out healthy ways to express negative emotions and decrease stress levels in the body. Overall wellbeing is crucial to living well and is one of the essential breast cancer prevention tips.

Maintain healthy weight: Research has found that even small gain in weight in postmenopausal women can increase the risk of breast cancer. Weight gain leads to more estrogen production that leads to fat tissue accumulation, which handles most cancers. Engage in exercises that increases your heartbeat and leave you sweating. A brisk walk or dancing is enough to leave you perspiring. Some studies have shown that breastfeeding your child for an extended period can lead to better breast health. It helps decrease estrogen levels and lowers the risk of breast cancer.

Limit your alcohol intake: Excessive alcohol can increase the chances of breast cancer. It has been found that even moderate consumption can be quite risky for your breast health.

Get good sleep:Some studies have shown a link between less sleep and breast cancers in some women. If you suffer from chronic sleep issues, find out ways to deal with it. While sleeping, keep your bedroom as dark as possible. The body produces a hormone known as melatonin, which offers protection against cancer. It is produced only in darkness.

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Increase your vitamin D intake: The important vitamin has an effect on almost every cell in the body and is one of the most powerful cancer-fighting elements. There is plenty of research that shows the efficacy of vitamin D against cancer. Spend at least 20 minutes in the sun every day. It has been seen that postmenopausal women who have high levels of vitamin D are at a lower risk of developing breast cancer than those with low levels of the vitamin.

Making these lifestyle changes can go a long way towards ensuring breast cancer prevention. If you have been detected with the disease already, these alterations can be helpful in preventing the recurrence of the same.

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