What is the Difference Between Branded and Generic Drugs?

Cost is the main difference between generic and brand name drugs; choose wisely. To receive authentic medicines, buying medicines online safely from a reliable source is the key.

Generic vs brand name drugs, there has been an ongoing debate about the use of generic and brand names. Some people have the misperception that the generic version of drugs is inferior to brand-name drugs. They may be uncertain about using generic versions initially, but they are, in fact, more likely to stick to treatment when prescribed low-cost- cost generics. All branded and generic drugs go through FDA approval to show their medications are safe and effective before displaying a sale in the US.

What is the Generic for?

Generic versions are copies of branded drugs that have the same dosage, intended use, effects, adverse effects, route of administration, safety, risks, and strength as the original drug. Their effects are the same as those of their brand-name counterparts. One example of a generic drug used for diabetes is metformin. A brand name for metformin is Glucophage.

Are generic drugs the same? Generic medicines contain the same active component as their brand-name counterparts. However, they usually cost much lesser than the brand-name version. Before the FDA (Food and drug administration) approves a generic drug, the medicine must meet the approval standard guidelines. The FDA stipulates that the generic medicines must be pharmaceutically equivalent to their branded version. This ensures that generic versions of drugs have the same purity, stability, strength, and quality as brand-name drugs. However, not all brand name versions are available in a low-cost generic form. Choosing the best place to buy medicines online helps eliminate unwanted hassle.

Many people become concerned because generic medicines are often cheaper than brand-name versions. They wonder if the quality of drugs and effectiveness have been compromised to make the less expensive products. Generic medicines are only cheaper because the manufacturers have not had the expenses of developing and marketing a new drug.

What are brand-name drugs?

Walk down the aisle of any retail outlet and find brand-name products. A brand name medication is the first of its kind and gets to brand the name.

Fast facts
Generic pills may look slightly different from the brand, but they work like costlier brand name products.
Both have the same active ingredient, and the manufacturing and packaging must pass the same quality standard.
Manufacturers formulate generic medicines to work the same way and provide health benefits as their branded counterparts.
The generic drug must meet the standard guidelines before the FDA approves it.
The FDA says generic drugs may cost 80 to 85% less than their brand-name equivalents.
There is no competition when more than one company creates a generic version of the same medicine. Lower prices are generally recognizable with more competition.
Brand name and generic medicines must contain the same active component. However, the characteristics of the drugs not affecting the safety and efficacy may be different.

What’s the difference between brand-name drugs and generic versions?

Although the active components are the same, the inactive may differ. This is only important in rare cases when an individual is sensitive to one of the excipients. Read below to know the difference between branded and generic drugs.

People taking a particular drug may want to know if there is a cheaper generic option. According to experts, all FDA-approved generic drugs must meet the same quality, strength, purity, and stability requirements as their brand counterparts. During research studies, researchers found that branded and generic medicines had comparable medical results for chronic physical conditions. They looked at common conditions including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety. However, other analyses found that generic medicines may not have the same clinical impact on cardiovascular health issues. Most studies reported no difference between the medicines. These studies merely showed a correlation. They did not show that the generic forms played a role in the increased hospital visits. People with lower financial health tend to have worse health outcomes than others. Also, they may be more likely to choose a generic version over brand name drug because they have less disposable income. So, it can automatically be concluded that some people taking the generic forms of drugs in large numbers are already disposed to worse health outcomes. Researchers also state there is not sufficient evidence to reach any firm conclusions.
When finding the better option between generic drugs and brand names, an individual’s health care provider may consider the specific health condition and research when prescribing medicine.

Choosing Brands or Generic Versions

When picking which drug to buy, a person considers several factors. Ultimately, it’s up to the person and their health care provider to find the best option among the brand name and generic versions available. Where to buy medicine online? You can opt for an online purchase from an Indian-based online pharmacy. For example, choosing the best place to buy medicine online, like alldaychemist.com, can be a big relief when receiving quality medication in the promised timeframe.


Brand name drugs and generic versions contain the same active ingredients in the same amounts. In most people, they provide the same therapeutic benefits. Although, more research is needed to determine if branded drugs are better for treating certain conditions. According to physicians in an American college, doctors should prescribe the generic versions where it is available. One of the reasons they do not undergo the same human and animal studies as brand-name drugs, FDA-approved generic versions are significantly less expensive. The price difference between these drugs influences some people’s decision to pick generic medicines over brand-name drugs. Buy medicines online at the best price, whether branded or generic. However, it is always best to discuss both brand-name drugs and generic versions with a health care provider. This allows a person to avoid unwanted side effects.