What Is The Difference Between Latisse and Careprost?

To date, numerous opportunities are there for eyelash care. These methods start with a quick result and end with a permanent solution. Incredibly popular is the use of eyelash serums that provides permanent results. Buy generic latisse Careprost to achieve long eyelashes. The eye care product causes your natural lashes to grow longer and fuller.

What to know about Careprost and Latisse?

Careprost eye drop is a generic version of Latisse, another eyelash growth product containing Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%. You can also call it generic Latisse Careprost. Both the products are similar in the drug volume and bimatoprost active ingredient. Some people using the glaucoma product were surprised to find a significant increment in eyelashes’ length and thickness.

The discovery of eyelash growth medication has turned out to be a wonder formula for those with sparse eyelashes. With this eyelash growth solution, it is now easy for women to say goodbye to temporary options like mascara and fake eyelashes. You do not need to make huge investments in products when you need a few bucks for magical results. Let us get acquainted with the benefits and other lash lengthening formulas’ features.

Latisse was originally manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Allergan. It has the medicinal ingredient bimatoprost, an FDA-approved therapy proven to make eyelashes grow longer, darker, and thicker. Careprost is manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical company, Sun pharma. During clinical application, it was found that the product significantly increases the growth of the eyelashes when applied to the upper lash line. Bimatoprost is sold under various brand names including Lumigan, latisse, Careprost, and many more.

Almost all these products contain the same active ingredient and have similar effects on growing lashes. Careprost containing Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analog that was originally discovered to treat glaucoma patients. It was known to improve the circulation of liquid in the eyes, thus increasing the intraocular pressure (IOP). By causing a significant reduction in IOP, Careprost can be applied on the upper lash line to promote lash growth and density.

Most dermatologists recommend that you continue to use the product for sixteen weeks to achieve the full effect. You may notice longer and darker eyelashes after just a few weeks of regular use. You can order authentic Careprost eye drops online at an affordable rate.

With many women wishing to improve their eyelashes’ appearance, Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution provides a safe and effective option for growing naturally long and luscious eyelashes. This ophthalmic agent’s ability to enhance eyelashes emerged as a side effect when the drug was used as an eye drop to treat glaucoma patients.

Furthermore, research studies suggest that bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% stimulates hair follicles to remain in the anagen or growth phase of the hair cycle for longer while shortening the telogen (resting) stage of the eyelash hair cycle. The pharmaceutical agent also stimulates melanogenesis which accounts for greater darkness and eyelashes’ thickness.

Is Careprsot eye drop the same as Latisse?

There is a range of lash lengthening formulas available in the market. Some claims to reduce extraordinary results and failed to impress others successfully enhanced lashes’ appearance. Those who gave a try to lash serums like latisse and Careprost saw their lashes grow considerably. With the increasing demand of eyelash serums, pharmaceutical companies were led to create a generic of Latisse, offered with less cost, but with the same efficiency.

The generic form of Latisse is available at an affordable rate under the brand name Careprost. It is one of the most used drugs known for its lengthening effects. The only difference between is the price, other both are identical in composition and the action exerted on the eyelashes. Both ophthalmic preparations are equivalently efficient, but when it comes to comparing the affordability, Careprost is cheaper than latisse. Careprost eye drops is a generic version comes at a pocket-friendly price. While choosing between the two, you may compare the price yourself.

Latisse is quite expensive, especially when it is not possible to discontinue treatment as if we stop usage, the eyelashes return to their length and their general condition of origin. They contain Bimatoprost in same 0.03% concentration. The lash enhancers affect the hair follicles and improve the length and density, making it longer and darker.

If you wish to grow prominent lashes, you must try Careprost or latisse. These eyelash serums are safe and must take a few weeks to grow your lashes longer and fuller. You can buy both products online. If you can buy Latisse, go ahead, but if you want to achieve a pair of gorgeous lashes on a budget, Careprost is a must-have a product. Buying eyelash growth solutions and other pharmaceutical products online can be considered the most promising and safe.

Both eyelash serums are made to regrow longer, darker, and thicker lashes, but there are a few differences that may make it difficult for you to choose the one which is right for you:

    • They differ in manufacturers
    • Latisse is far more expensive than Careprost
    • Careprost is available without prescription while Latisse cannot be purchased over the counter

When both the lash serums have the same effects, why pay more? Careprost is the bestselling eyelash enhancement product online.


Careprost eye drop was created as an alternative to the latisse with identical composition and effectiveness. Buy generic latisse Careprost online at the best price. Many people are comfortable purchasing cheap Careprost while some prefer to regrow lashes with a more expensive option.

If you want a proven therapy to improve your lashes’ appearance in the budget, Careprost is currently the ideal option for you. And if you make up your mind to get long and curvy lashes, buy generic latisse Careprost online from a reliable source like AllDayChemist where you can get your authentic product. The eye care product can do wonders for your short and thin eyelashes.

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