Does Eyelash Growth Help in Beautifying Longer Eyelashes?

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Long and full eyelashes are a great way to enhance your appearance. A pair of voluminous eyelashes will make you more attractive that is why every woman dreams of having a pair of long and dense eyelashes. Beautiful eyelashes are considered as an important part of femininity. Most of them rely on expensive mascaras and false eyelashes to achieve the desired length and thickness. Such temporary tricks require patience to apply, and you need to update the products and keep on repeating the charade day after day. To avoid the hassle of applying several coats of mascara and sticky glue to handle fake eyelashes, many women are turning towards a mess-free method to grow eyelashes naturally.

In today’s scenario, it is not easy to maintain the natural length and thickness of eyelashes. Those with beautiful eyelashes are either genetically blessed, or their body gets enough essential nutrients required to maintain eyelash health. There may be a lot of reasons why people experience thinning of eyelashes from ageing to medical reasons like chemotherapy.  Although in some cases, eyelashes usually grow back. If you are already blessed with beautiful long eyelashes, you must maintain and take care of them. Check out these steps to get better eyelashes:

  1. Take it easy, avoid rubbing your eyes and pick your lashes. Remember, lash root is too delicate even to touch and can easily break following your daily habits. Wash your face gently, use your fingertips lightly to clean your eyes and areas around your lashes.
  2. Carefully use a lash curler; make sure you do not pull your eyelids.
  3. Be sure to clean your eye cosmetics before you sleep. Make sure there are no mascara traces left on your lashes. You can switch to a gentle makeup remover to clean your mascara. Remove all the clumps from mascara when it is wet and easy to comb.
  4. Change your mascara every six months to keep your lashes and eyes healthy. This will also help your mascara stay free from bacteria that may contribute to an eye infection.
  5. If you develop any eye illness, avoid using eye makeup and consult an ophthalmologist for advice.

Your eyes serve a purpose beyond beauty, so, it is imperative to maintain eye health. Eye expert says, our eyelashes keep foreign matter out of the eye. Usually, lashes can last about three months before falling out and take more than two months to grow back. Lash damage can make your hair follicle fragile and thin, and they will no longer produce hair.

Natural ways to cure Eyelash fall

  1. Comb your Eyelashes

Combing your eyelashes may seem like a weird idea, but if you believe some hair care experts, combing can make a huge difference to the volume and density of eyelashes. Combing stimulates the blood flow towards the lash follicles. This also helps to remove dust or debris that may be accumulated on the eyelid. So how to comb your lashes to promote their growth? Well, lit is quite simple; all you need to do is take a disposable mascara wand and brush your lashes at least twice daily to grow longer and fuller eyelashes.

  1. Oil therapy for Eyelashes

Just like you condition your scalp hair, you need to condition your lashes as well.  A simple suggestion is to put a thin layer of Vaseline daily at night. This can help provide the conditioning lit needs to maintain a good length and density. Olive oil and castor oil can also do the trick for you. Lover the counter lash serums and prescription eyelash solutions can also help as they ‘contain ingredients particularly to strengthen the eyelashes. The oil therapy is guaranteed to grow eyelashes longer and stronger, but the procedure takes times, and one to be patient with the outcome.

  1. Right selection of Eyelash Serums and other eye makeup products

There is a range of eyelash growth solutions available in the market that claims to promote eyelash growth; you can choose one reliable product to grow your eyelashes. One of the most popular and effective products is Careprost which promotes lash length. The eyelash growth serum is an excellent way to grow longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes. It is the ultimate solution for people suffering from hypotrichosis (thin eyelashes). Careprost contains Bimatoprost 0.03% ophthalmic solution, which makes it effective as an eyelash growth formula that is capable of inducing lash growth. Side effects can include mild irritation of the eyelid, which is reversible after discontinuation of the product. There is also an increased risk of changing the eye colour to dark brown. To avoid these side effects, it is best to use Careprost Bimatoprost under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. is the best seller of Bimatoprost eyelash serum. Long on to this Indian online pharmacy to get the product delivered at your home.

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