Healthy diet for glowing skin

Now, even you can get a glowing, radiant and younger looking skin. Toss out creams and cosmetics and make way for a healthy diet. Here is a healthy diet plan which will help adding a natural glow to your skin.

Balanced diet to make your skin right
A number of factors including your diet and lifestyle influence the condition of your skin and how it ages. Smoking, prolonged exposure to the sun, and a diet rich in processed and sweetened foods, along with dehydrators like caffeine and alcohol will cause damage over time.

Healthy diet for glowing skin

With increase in age your skin gets thinner, less elastic and subjected to fine lines and wrinkles but by eating a balanced and healthy diet you really can nourish from within. A healthy, balanced diet consisting of skin-friendly food and ample of hydrating fluids will help in improving elasticity, enhance your skin’s appearance and give protection from UV damage. Here is a wholesome healthy diet plan for achieving that radiant glow:

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Amla or Indian gooseberry
Amla is a rich source of vitamin A which helps in increasing the production of collagen in your body. Collagen is an essential component of your skin that keeps your skin looking firm and glowing.

For making the most out of it, eat amla on an empty stomach, early morning. This significantly holds back the degeneration of collagen and also stimulates the body to produce more collagen.

Strawberries make you merry
Strawberries are blessed with the goodness of vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant that enhances the production of collagen fibres that help in keeping your skin smooth and taut. More the amount of vitamin C, lesser is the count of lines and wrinkles. They are abundant in ellagic acid, an antioxidant which protects the elastic fibres that prevent skin from sagging or drooling.

Sweet potato
Sweet potato is anti-inflammatory in nature and has vitamin A content which helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria. Favoured with the richness of vitamin C, it improves your skin tone and mends pimple scars.

You can prepare a yummy bowl of the evening snack by boiling it and adding lemon juice, salt and pepper to it. Eat it with the peel intact for maximum benefits. If it is treated with wax or is too shiny in appearance then it is a good idea to peel off the skin.

Nuts are always a vital part of a healthy diet. Nuts like hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, as well as seeds like flaxseed and chia are packed with the goodness of healthy fats and keep you well-oiled. Being a great source of vitamin E which is an active sun blocker, they protect your skin cells from damage caused by UV rays. They keep your skin cells supple and soft. Nuts are useful in the treatment of acne or rosacea as they contain minerals like zinc, which help in healing blemishes and reduce redness and inflammation.

Glow from head to toe with tomatoes
Tomatoes are high in lycopene, which is a pigment that assigns red fruits and vegetables their colour. It gives your skin better protection against sunburn and increases the content of collagen in your skin, preventing drooping. Even better, lycopene lowers your risk of heart disease.

An apple a day can definitely keep ageing skin at bay! Apple contains vitamin C in abundance which helps in maintaining the firmness of your skin and confers it an inner glow. Apple also prevents damage caused by free-radical which causes premature ageing of your skin.

An apple every day promises glow to your skin. You can also apply the juice of an apple on your face and rinse it off with water after 10 minutes.

High protein foods such as eggs, meat, fish, beans, lentils, tofu, cheese, etc. ensure good supply of amino acids. Amino acids are required by your body to make collagen which keeps your skin strong and radiant.

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Switch to whole grains
Whole grains are good sources of vitamin B, which promote the growth of skin cells and give a new radiance to your skin. Choose wholegrain over white versions of bread, rice and pasta and snack on oatcakes, nuts and seeds. Whole grains (such as oats, millets) are tremendous sources of the trace mineral silica, which is important for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Conclusion: Good nutrition is a fundamental building block of a healthy, young and radiant skin. You can follow this healthy diet plan that includes a pack of power foods to feed your skin in beautiful ways. Make sure that you avoid sugar, bad fats and alcohol to get the best results.

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