Healthy ways to gain weight

While a majority chunk of the population of the country is either overweight or obese, there is a sizeable number who has the opposite problem of being too thin. Those who are willing to put on some weight should try to choose the healthy ways to gain weight.

Healthy ways to gain weight

It is a matter of concern as being skinny can be as bad for your health as being overweight. Here are some natural and effective ways to put on weight.

Eat every four hours  Your body needs energy at all times. The best way to get a healthy weight is to eat regular meals. Snack in between meals. You can go for dried fruits, nuts and yoghurt. Have a high-calorie, nutritious snack before bedtime.

Your meals should have the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your meals. Some studies recommend intake of food in the following ratio: 10%-15% protein, 60%-70% carbohydrates, and some fat. Also, it is essential to stick to consistent eating timings.

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Eat different kinds of foods  Instead of any one type of food in a meal, eat different varieties. It offers a wide range of nutrients to your body. Focus on foods that are healthy and nutritious. Even though you can gorge on calories, you must not forget nutrition. Pick foods that are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

Whet your appetite  If eating does not appeal to you, there are some tricks that you can try to help enhance your appetite. You can take a walk before eating; this will help you improve your hunger. You can also consider snacking on fruits to rouse your appetite.

Start slow  Weight gain is a slow process. Refrain from piling on a lot of calories from the very beginning; this will just lead to excessive weight gain, which you would not want. It is best to add 300 calories extra to your daily diet and carry on from there. You can start with 300 calories and move to 500-600 calories after a couple of weeks if you find that you are not gaining weight.

While piling on calories, focus more on quality, not quantity. Even when you are attempting to gain weight, fast foods are not good for the body. Opt for nutrient-rich foods instead.

Maintain a food journal  Make a note of what you are eating and when every day for a few weeks to learn about your diet and find places to add extra calories. Set practical goals. Just like weight loss, weight gain is a slow process. Gaining weight may take a few months so do not give up if you do not see any immediate results. The rate at which you would gain weight depends on their present health status and their health goals. A nutritionist or a fitness expert can help you set a reasonable weight gain goal.

Healthy fats  Plant fats, including peanuts, nuts, peanut butter, hummus, avocados, almond butter, and oils are excellent sources of healthy fats. Animal fats provide the same amount of calories, but they contain saturated fats; this can increase bad cholesterol.

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Exercise  Continue with your exercise regimen, but focus more on building body mass. Putting more efforts on strength training can help you pack some extra pounds.

Drinks  Skip the low-cal drinks and go for high-calorie ones such as healthy shakes, smoothies and juices.

Have a support network  A strong support system can help you immensely as you walk the journey of weight gain. Discuss your weight gain goals with your family and friends and get their support. You can also join some support group to share ideas and learn from each other.

If you can carry on with your daily activities without any problem, weighing a little less than the average body weight is not a problem and is associated with good health. However, if you feel that you need to gain weight, it is best to do it the healthy way. Following the methods and tips given above are some of the best ways to gain weight.

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