How to improve your eyesight

Eyes are one of the most precious parts of our body as they enable us to see and admire the beauty of this real world designed by God. But it is necessary to maintain the proper vision. You can improve the eyesight with various exercises.

How to improve your eyesight

Eyes are very delicate; a special eye and vision care is required to maintain the good health of the eyes. Simple carelessness and bad eye care habits can damage vision very easily. Hence, in this article you will get to know about different eye exercises to maintain their health.

Following are some of the beneficial eye exercises that will help you to relax your precious pearls and improve their vision as well:

1. Palming:
It is one of best methods to relieve the stress from the eyes and relax your eyes while working for hours in front of a computer. It is the best-suited eye exercise that you can do at your workplace.

• Close your eyes
• Take relaxed breathes
• Place your elbows on the work desk and cover your closed eyes with your palms in such a way that your finger are placed on your forehead and the cup of arm cover the eyes.
• Make sure not to press to hard, and see that your eyes can blink freely
• Take small and relaxed breaths as you palm your eyes

2. Blinking:
Blinking is one of the common things that is overlooked by a person who is focusing hard on his work. It leaves the eyes dried and strained. It is very necessary to blink at least once within every 30 seconds.
Practice to blink 2-3 times in a minute to keep your eyes moist and to send your eyes in a short dark phase that would freshen up your eyes plus it would discharge the previous information registered and make the eyes ready for the next information.

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3. Figure of eight:
It is a simple and flexibility enhancing eye exercise to improve your eyesight. It is a simple but good exercise that you can do very easily.
• Think of an imaginary eight-figure in front of your eyes at least 10 feet away
• Now trace that figure eight with your eyes
• Do it clockwise for a few seconds and then anticlockwise for another few seconds
• At first you may find some strain in eyes, but it is worth as you get better with practise

4. Near and far focus:
This exercise to improve eyesight can be done anywhere, and it takes only 2-3 minutes.
• Stand or sit down in a comfortable position
• Bring your thumb in front of your eyes at your hand’s length at least 10 inches away from eyes
• Focus on that thumb for a few seconds and then shift your focus to something 10-20 feets away from eyes in front of you
• Keep on shifting focus from one place to another (near to far)

5. Zooming:
It is one of the favourites among people around the world as an exercise to improve eyesight. It is very fun and quickly effective.
• Be seated in a comfortable position
• Stretch one of your arms away from your body in front of eyes and bring your thumb in an upright position
• Focus on the thumb
• Now bring the thumb closer to you, keep your focus still on the thumb, until it is near three inches away from your eyes. Do not change the focus
• Now move the thumb away and then near again
• Do this for repeatedly 3-4 times in a day

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6. Take a quick nap:
Taking a quick nap is very good for eyes and vision care. A good short nap is very essential to give the eyes a much-needed rest and to make it ready for the next tasks of registering visual information. You might have seen or noticed that when you go for long periods without any adequate sleep then you feel tired, unable to focus on things, and you may also face headaches.

Sleep is an essential part of your body function, and you need to relax your eyes and brain completely for some time to freshen up your senses and to improve your eyesight.

Apart from these eye relaxation techniques some other methods to improve your eyesight include having a nutritious, well-balanced diet, staying hydrated, taking vitamin supplements and amino acids for eye health.

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