lose 30 pounds Losing weight is never easy! It’s a task that takes up your entire life, literally! In our tedious and corporate sellout type of lifestyle, we seldom get free time to jog, visit a gym or follow a strict diet every day. Nevertheless, we can juggle and add small secret wonders in our lifestyle to lose weight faster without much ado.

Presenting to you, are the 9 secret ingredients to losing weight faster and in a natural way.

Hot water

Switch to hot drinking water from cold drinking water. Every time you feel thirsty, have a glass, a little lukewarm water. If consumed after your meals, it helps in boosting metabolism and digests your food better.

Take the stairs

You know how when you reach your office and wait for the elevator to come to the ground floor and take you back up, just that; stop doing it. Try taking the stairs leading up to your office. It helps freshen up body and gives your mental health a boost.

Stop eating wherever and whenever

Try cutting back on outside food and prefer homemade delicacies. Make it a point to have your meals at proper intervals and prefer light home cooked food to the calories overloaded food from restaurants. Simply this will help you cut down on carbs.

Walk when you talk

Talking on the mobile phone is a common habit today. Make it a regular exercise regime by walking when you are talking. Sitting the entire day on your desk can make you put on weight and cause back problems too. Walk whenever you talk to lose good amount of calories while making important business/life decisions.

Lessen salt intake

Salt causes your body to bloat and makes you uncomfortable. Avoid eating foods high on salts and swap them for healthy fruits every day. A balanced diet in your lifestyle should do the trick.

Water and more water

Drink as much water as available to you. Drinking water keeps the stomach full, not letting us feel hungry very often. It also has ZERO calories, so no harm in having as much as you can. Along with giving the feeling of fullness, it also helps to lose weight and clear your face of pimples and acne. Stay hydrated always!

Lessen the booze

Substitute going for drinks with your buddies or office colleagues every Friday, to every alternate Friday. It helps keep us healthy and will prevent fat to gather around the waist line. Try drinking water, lemonade or green tea, which essentially is helpful in getting rid of bad toxins from the body.

Become an EGGI-tarian

Eat eggs the way you want… scrambled, between breads or simply boiled. Egg whites are a great source of protein and keep you full for long. Besides, they taste awesome too!

Chew your food to boredom

They say, chewing your food properly and for long helps curb hunger pangs. If your food is chewed properly, it digests better and ultimately the amount of jaw exercise leaves you feeling bored to eat again for a few hours.

Try these few tricks to fasten your weight loss process and see results within weeks. Lastly, nothing helps lose weight effectively than being happy and positive about yourself and your approach. A smile a day, keeps the waist line from bulging away!

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