How to lose 30 pounds faster

Losing 30 pounds in 30 days may sound challenging, but it is achievable. To lose weight fast, one should follow an intermittent fasting plan, exercise four times a week, and drink plenty of water, followed by certain dietary modifications.

Ways to lose weight faster

Losing weight is never easy! This task can take up your entire life, literally! In our tedious and corporate sellout-type lifestyle, we seldom get free time to jog, visit a gym, or follow a strict diet daily. Nevertheless, we can juggle and add small secret wonders to our lifestyle to lose weight faster without much ado. Present to you the weight loss tips that help you lose weight faster in a natural way.

    1. Do intermittent fasting
      Intermittent fasting helps to form a base for your 30-day weight loss plan. It is a 16/8 plan, where you have an eight-hour eating window every day and be on a fast for 16 hours. Once you complete twelve hours of fasting, your body will begin eating into your fat stores to supply the energy your body requires to function. Following an intermittent diet is the best way to lose weight fast.
    1. Cut down on sugar intake.
      During your eating hours, be sure to avoid sugar intake. The simple carbohydrates reach directly to fat stores. Avoid foods like potato chips, soft drinks, cookies, and cakes. Whenever you visit a grocery shop to buy your food items, look at the labels for the hidden sugars in food items like fruit juice, tomato sauce, and canned soup.
    1. Give attention to protein intake.
      If you have decided to lose weight, make protein your best friend. A protein diet is the best diet to lose weight. It helps fill you up more than the carbs and fats while supporting muscle building. Your muscles tend to burn five times more calories than fat, so the more you have, the better. Here, it is important to note that protein carries a high thermic value, meaning it takes too many calories to absorb and digest protein. Each meal should have a first-size portion of lean protein. Your protein diet should include meats like skinless chicken breast and turkey, eggs, red meat, fish, black beans, and Greek yoghurt.
    1. Cut carbs intake
      For 30-pound weight loss, cutting back on your carb intake is necessary. Following a keto diet eating plan helps control your carb intake. People following this diet keep their daily net carbs to under 50 grams. To support this, you should eat complex carbs in plant foods such as cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and bell peppers. Following this weight loss diet helps build a healthy body.
    1. Drink hot water
      Switch to hot drinking water from cold drinking water. Every time you feel thirsty, have a glass of hot water. Consuming after your meals helps boost your metabolism and digest your food better.
    1. Take the stairs
      Try taking the stairs leading up to your office/home. It helps freshen up your body and gives your mental health a boost.
    1. Stop eating wherever and whenever
      Try cutting back on outside food and prefer homemade delicacies. Make it a point to have your meals at proper intervals and prefer light home-cooked food to the calories overloaded food from restaurants. This will help you cut down on carbs.
    1. Walk when you talk
      Talking on the mobile phone is a common habit today. Make it a regular exercise regime by walking when you are talking. Sitting the entire day on your desk can put you on weight and cause back problems. Walk whenever you talk to lose a good amount of calories while making important business/life decisions.
    1. Lessen salt intake
      Salt causes your body to bloat and makes you uncomfortable. Avoid eating foods high in salt and swap them for healthy fruits every day. A balanced diet in your lifestyle should do the trick.
    1. Water and more water
      Drink as much water as is available to you. Drinking water keeps the stomach full, not making us hungry very often. It also has ZERO calories, so having as much as possible is no harm. Along with giving the feeling of fullness, it also helps to lose weight and clear your face of pimples and acne. Stay hydrated always, as it is considered the simplest and best way to lose weight when done with other traditional weight loss measures (diet and exercise).
    1. Lessen the booze
      Substitute going for drinks with your buddies or office colleagues every Friday to every alternate Friday. It helps keep us healthy and will prevent fat from gathering around the waistline. Try drinking water, lemonade or green tea, which helps eliminate bad toxins from the body.
    1. Chew your food to boredom.
      They say chewing your food properly and for a long helps curb hunger pangs. If your food is chewed properly, it digests better, and ultimately, the amount of jaw exercise leaves you feeling bored to eat again for a few hours.

Try these few tricks to fasten your weight loss process and see results within weeks. You can also consult a dietician to find the best diet for fast weight loss. Lastly, nothing helps you lose weight effectively than being happy and positive about yourself and your approach. A smile a day keeps the waistline from bulging away!

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