Learn to prevent premature ejaculation

Men desire to have a long-lasting sexual play, but premature ejaculation (PE) shatters their mood and sometimes leaves the partner unsatisfied. That’s why men should understand how to prevent premature ejaculation to enjoy the extreme moment as long as possible.

prevent premature ejaculation

The secretion of semen marks the end of sexual intercourse, but when to reach at that end has to be at your will. Unfortunately, it does not happen with almost one-third men as premature ejaculation dampens their hope to make it long-lasting. If either partner remains unsatisfied then it feels very embarrassing to face. PE is very common in men, but if it happens regularly then it hampers their self-esteem and reduces the confidence level vehemently. There are several studies telling you how to stop premature ejaculating while you are busy with sexual play. You have to analyze the causes and symptoms of PE to get rid of this problem so that you can gain your confidence back.

Symptoms of premature ejaculation:

The one obvious symptom of PE is uncontrolled or undesired ejaculation shortly after the start of intercourse. It seems like you tried hard to contain but ultimately failed to control your excitement. PE can be classified as primary and secondary problem. The primary or lifelong PE happens within seconds after vaginal penetration that men cannot control, while the secondary (acquired) PE occurs just after satisfying your partner, though it also lasts a few seconds.

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PE is not a serious health complication; it’s more related to the state of mind that may affect your personal life. There are some cases of infertility due to premature ejaculation. Probably, it leads to a strained relationship that ends with the inability to conceive. It’s advised to consult a doctor who can tell how to prevent premature ejaculation through medications and natural methods.

Causes of premature ejaculation:

There are different clear and unclear factors responsible for triggering PE. These factors may be related to physical and mental conditions or a combination of both. Generally, PE occurs with a new partner due to over excitement and, with the sexual experience men learn how to prevent premature ejaculation or delay orgasm.

Psychological factors like guilt, anxiety, sadness or depression also invite PE, affecting the episode of intercourse. With some people certain sexual positions do not favor long-lasting episode and they surrender soon after the penetration. The medical causes cannot be ignored as some hormonal problems, side effect of certain medicines and physical injury or disease may enforce you to ejaculate early. And count the lifestyle related causes like smoking, alcohol consumption, illegal drugs and marijuana enhance the excitement level, therefore ejaculation happens earlier than normal duration.

Treatment of premature ejaculation:

Experts suggest different means and ways to control or prevent premature ejaculation. Maybe all of them are not useful for you, but they work on a large scale, and men are benefitted by these methods. You can try medications, sexual therapy and proper psychological counseling to diagnose PE. Let’s understand how to stop premature ejaculation by accepting these means.

Application of an analgesic cream or spray
You can use some analgesic creams and sprays to prolong the intercourse period. Such numbing creams can help you delay ejaculation without spoiling the sexual sensation. They work like mild anesthetic, especially to the sensory nerves.

Wear a condom with Benzocaine
Wearing a condom can help you delay the climax by a few minutes. And if a condom has Benzocaine then intercourse time is more manageable without decreasing the excitement level. This numbing gel can simply put off ejaculation that means more sexual enjoyment to your partner. A condom also protects you from any sort of infections and injuries.

Strategic pressure
There are some strategic pressure techniques that tell you how to prevent premature ejaculation even when you are unstoppable. It takes a little knowledge of anatomy to apply pressure specifically for two spots that are:

Perineum pressure
Perineum is the area between scrotum and anus, and a gentle pressure on this spot will delay ejaculation. This spot is connected to the prostate gland so a mild pressure here can delay the discharge of fluid. Your partner can help you to make this pressure.

Pulling testes
Ask your partner pull the testes just before you reach near orgasm. This practice can put off ejaculation for a moment and there is no harm to the sexual activity. Coordinate with your partner for gentle pulling and pushing exercise.

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Kegel exercises
Kegel exercises help you to flex and strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle that controls ejaculation to some extent. It’s like you are pretending for urinating by stopping the flow of with a quick muscle contraction. The PS muscle is used to delay the flow from the bladder. You can use your fingers to exert more pressure to stop the flow of urine and this practice for will help you to control when you are very close to orgasm. Delay and release, then again delay and release, a simple and effective exercise.

Stop-and-start method
If you can hold your excitement for a few minutes, then stop-and-start method is for you. It’s like leaving your partner just before the extreme stage. Take it session by session and pulling yourself without ejaculating is a technique to delay the fluid secretion. When you feel that ejaculation is about to come, stop yourself and take rest for a moment and then again prepare for the next session. This is very simple to make you learn how to stop premature ejaculation just by going on and off.

Diet to prevent PE
Concentrate more on diet to enjoy prolonged sex play, it has magical effects. You meal comprising more vitamins (A, B, D & E), minerals (zinc, selenium, calcium and iron), eggs, cereals and berries solve the problem of premature ejaculation to a great extent.

Medical options
There is no embarrassment in taking medications to delay ejaculation rather than suppressing your emotions and corroding inside. The doctor’s prescription is must for taking appropriate medications. You can take some topical medications, short-acting SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), intra-cavernous Vasodilator therapy, and psychological sex therapy that can tell you how to stop premature ejaculation up to an age.

Other methods to prevent premature ejaculation:

You can try some more methods to delay ejaculation, such as:
Deep Breathing
Tantric Techniques
Long foreplay
Change positions
Taking care of a partner or have a sex talk
Make it slow

PE as a problem, affecting every third man, has more psychological consequences then physical incapab

ility. The natural ways to treat it are more effective, and don’t forget to take your partner into confidence. There is nothing difficult to know how to prevent premature ejaculation in which your lifestyle supports a lot. It’s all about your excitement so don’t be prodigal rather try to enjoy it bit-by-bit.

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