Reasons for low sperm count

Male infertility is a common issue. There can be several reasons for low sperm count in men. The right treatment can take care of this problem.

Millions of men across the world suffer from infertility. If you or your partner is having fertility issues, you are not the only one.The good news is that with advances in medical science, no matter what the reasons for low sperm count, it is now possible to deal with fertility problems. Many men who have such issues go on to become fathers.Reasons for low sperm count

A couple is regarded to be infertile when they have not been able to get pregnant even after trying for one year to be pregnant. At least one out of ten couples experience infertility. In the initial times, it was believed that infertility was only a woman’s problem. However, plenty of research has shown that men can have fertility issues as well.

Reasons for low sperm count The most common reason of male infertility is related to sperm. Some sperm related issues are:

Reduced sperm count Sperm die before they get to the egg Sperms that are not formed the right way Thick seminal fluid No sperm

Low sperm count can be due to several health problems and medical treatments. Some of the reasons for low sperm count are:

Varicocele It is a swelling of the veins that drain the testicles. It is a common cause of infertility. While the exact reason about why varicoceles lead to infertility is not known, it can be due to abnormal testicular temperature regulation. Infection – Certain infections can cause interference in sperm production and cause male infertility. Though some infections can lead to permanent testicular damage, most often it can be set right.

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Ejaculation issues Retrograde ejaculation happens when semen gets into the bladder at the time of orgasm instead of coming out of the penis. There are some health issues that can lead to retrograde ejaculation including spinal injuries, diabetes, surgery of eh urethra, prostate or bladder.

Tumours Tumours can affect the reproductive organs directly and lead to male infertility. Radiation, chemotherapy or surgery to treat tumours can also have an effect on male fertility.

Undescended testicles At the time of foetal development, sometimes one or both the testicles may fail to descend into the sac from the abdomen. This situation can lead to decreased fertility.

Hormonal imbalance This is one of the most common reasons for low sperm count. The testicles, hypothalamus and pituitary produce hormones, which are required to produce sperm. Alterations in the hormones may hamper production of sperm.

Surgeries Certain surgeries including vasectomy, scrotal surgeries, prostate surgeries and any other kind of surgeries can prevent you from having sperm in the ejaculate.

Environmental causes Sperm production can be hampered by overexposure to some environmental factors such as:

Industrial chemicals Exposure to toluene, benzenes, herbicides, xylene, organic solvents and lead may lead to reduced sperm counts.

Heavy metal exposure Being exposed to heavy metals can also lead to infertility

Radiation Being exposed to radiation can cause a dip in sperm production. After that, it can take quite some time for sperm production to come back to normal.

Everyday factors Wearing tight clothes, sitting for extended periods, working on a laptop for a long time can lead to increased temperature in the scrotum and this in turn can cause a dip in sperm production. Increased temperatures can hamper sperm function and production.

Some other reasons for low sperm count include:

Drug use Anabolic steroids that work to enhance muscle growth and strength can lead to the shrinking of testicles and a dip in sperm production.

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Alcohol Taking alcohol can decrease testosterone levels and lead to a dip in sperm production.

Occupation Some jobs such as those that are associated with long hours of sitting or welding can increase the chances of infertility.

Tobacco Smoking can cause a lower sperm count.

Stress Prolonged stress can hamper sperm production.

Weight Obesity can reduce fertility.


Some studies have shown that men who belong to rural areas where pesticides are common have lower sperm count than men who stay in urban areas. The agricultural runoff can get into tap water and can disturb the hormonal processes.

Watching TV Studies have shown that men who watch TV for more than 20 hours per week had significantly lower sperm count than men who did not watch TV. This can be attributed to the sedentary nature of viewing TV.

While there can be many reasons for low sperm count, there are several treatment methods available these days to treat the issue. With the right treatment and care, it is possible to treat male infertility.

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