Scientific and Medicinal Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender, a herb is mainly known and used for skin care products. Lavender also has many medicinal properties due to which it is highly famous.

Lavender oil is one of most used oils across the world and its soothing scent is something that pleases everyone. The advantages of lavender essential oil are many including its medicinal benefits and it has been long used since the ancient time.

Scientific and Medicinal Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender essential oil – a multipurpose product:

The journey of lavender essential oil seems to have started from Romanian age and the Egyptians were using it to make perfumes and body oils. Its popularity spread gradually across the sea and now it has become a good part of many brands of scent and beauty products. The use of lavender oil in medicinal and religious purposes has been there for more than 2500 years. Many believe it was very much used during Jesus era, so you can understand how old its application is.

There are several benefits of lavender essential oil and many people use it in various dishes for adding a flavor. This oil is also helpful in soothing mind and spirit. Scientific studies have found that aromatherapy performed using the lavender oil can provide you quality relaxation and peaceful sleep. A massage with lavender oil makes a positive impact on the skin. Moreover, lavender flowers are used in potpourris, home décor, and crafts, its oil is used in bath and body care products as perfumes, household cleaners, soaps, and laundry detergent.

The advantages of lavender essential oil:

The use of lavender flowers and lavender oil is highly praised for their fragrance and versatility. There is something more that lavender essential offers that you should know. Let’s take a brief of some benefits of lavender essential oil that are usually not discussed.

Lavender oil for hair care: People experiencing excessive hair fall can significantly treat the condition with lavender essential oil. It’s widely used to treat alopecia and strengthen hair follicles. If you regularly rub the lavender essential oil on the scalp, you can increase hair growth and prevent pattern baldness by more than 40%.

Use as a pain relief: Lavender oil can relieve various types of pains caused by sprains, backache, stiff muscles, rheumatism, lumbago, and joint pain. It is one of the highly praised lavender oil medicinal benefits as a regular massage with this oil can decrease joint pain. You can also take lavender oil vapor to lower surgery pain.

Increases blood circulation: Research studies suggest that aromatherapy is helpful in increasing blood circulation and lowering the blood pressure or hypertension and the risks of heart attack and atherosclerosis. It promotes muscle strength and oxygenation in the body. You can realize an increment in the brain activity after using lavender oil.

Lavender oil for skin: The advantages of lavender essential oil are also witnessed on the skin texture as its regular application can make your skin bright and supple. This oil removes eczema and it helps you get rid of itching and irritation by adding more moisture to the skin. Experts also recommend lavender oil to detoxify environmental toxins and harmful pollutants in order to improve skin’s health and healing process. It perfectly works as an antioxidant substance to make your skin clean.

Use in diabetes treatment: The effects of lavender essential oil on blood sugar are proved scientifically. A research study has found that lavender oil can lower the intensity of diabetes’ symptoms like high blood glucose, obesity, liver and kidney dysfunction, metabolic disorder etc. The radical-scavenging antioxidant properties of the lavender oil are found to be much more effective than ascorbic acid or vitamin C. It’s one of the natural benefits of lavender oil that you can use it as a treatment option for high blood sugar.

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Heal burns and minor cuts: The antimicrobial properties of lavender essential oil help you prevent infections and combat bacterial invasion. It sufficiently heals cuts, wounds, scrapes and burns. You can enhance its effectiveness by blending other natural oils like cinnamon, clove and tea tree. Lavender essential oil curbs the risks of skin fungus and respiratory pneumonia. The lavender oil medicinal benefits are easily accessible by applying it to the damaged tissues. You can also take the advice of your doctor before using it.

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