Sexual Problems in Men

Sexual dysfunction typically refers to an issue that prevents a couple from getting sexual satisfaction from a sexual activity. As per some statistics, one in 10 men suffers from male sexual problems.

sexual problems in men

Sexual problems in men can be due to psychological or physical reasons. However, most sexual issues can be treated. Medical intervention and healthy lifestyle choices can help deal with sexual problems in men.

Causes of Sexual Problems

Some physical conditions that can cause sexual problems in men include diabetes, neurological ailments, heart and vascular diseases, hormonal issues, chronic conditions, and drug and alcoholism abuse. Loss of sexual interest can also be the side effect of some medicines.
Some psychological issues that can cause sexual problems include anxiety, stress, performance anxiety, relationship problems, depression and trauma.

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Types of Sexual Problems

Some of the most common sexual problems in men include ejaculation disorders, erection problems, and loss of sexual interest.

The different kinds of ejaculation disorders include
• Inhibited ejaculation – When ejaculation happens slowly
Premature ejaculation – When ejaculation happens before or right after penetration
Retrograde ejaculation – When the semen goes back into the bladder instead of out of the penis

Consult Your Doctor

While sexual dysfunction is very common, it is something that most people hardly discuss. It is important to visit a doctor to manage it and enjoy an active sex life. To understand the causes of sexual issues, your doctor will do a physical examination, inquire about your sexual history and order tests to detect the causes that are causing the sexual problems.
The doctor may ask questions about the sex life to know the cause of the condition. It is crucial that a patient answers honestly to the questions. He or she may ask the patient to undergo some tests to find out the prolactin, testosterone and thyroid hormone levels in the blood. The tests may also help to find out if there are any serious problems.
As men grow old, there is a gradual slowing down of many bodily functions. Reduced blood flow, decreased the production of testosterone, and other factors are common in men as they age, and this can also lead to sexual problems.

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Why is it Important to be Treated?

It is important to be treated for sexual health problems due to several reasons:
Sexual problems in men can be a sign of an underlying more serious ailment. A thorough medical examination is crucial to know if there is any other problem.
Sex is an important aspect of your relationship with your partner. Loss of sexual interest can have a major effect on a man’s overall wellbeing. He may feel angry, sad, depressed and guilty for not being able to satisfy his partner.It can severely impair his sense of self.
Sexual dysfunction in men can happen at any age, but it is more common in men over the age of 40 years. It can lead to some emotional issues including depression, low confidence and lack of self-esteem.

Treatment options:

There are several ways to deal with sexual problems in men. It is always recommended that you follow your doctor’s advice and choose the option that best suits your body and lifestyle.
Medications – Drugs can help enhance sexual function by increasing the flow of blood to the penis.
Hormone therapy – Hormone replacement therapies can raise the levels of testosterone in the body.
Weight Reduction – Reducing your weight and making healthy lifestyle changes can bring a dramatic improvement in your sexual life. Avoiding smoking and drinking can be hugely beneficial.
Effects of other medicines – Consult your doctor to check if any medicines handle low sex drive. You can switch medicines if required.
Counselling – Psychological therapy can help you address your feelings of anxiety, fear or guilt due to sexual issues.
Mechanical aids – Some devices can help people with erectile dysfunction.

Difficulties with sex and sexual problems in men are very common, more than what we might believe to be true. It can be quite challenging for men to discuss sexual issues, but keep in mind that it is a common health ailment, and there is help available.

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