Solution for Poor Eyesight

Eyesight is one of the best features of our body, as it provides us the ability to see and praise different beauties of our nature. But it is very sad that there are lots of people out there who are not able to appreciate the nature and take the full benefits of their eyes.  Poor eyesight is a common problem in today’s modern times and symptoms of eye problems are found in both adults and children.

There are various reasons of eye diseases and disorders of poor eyesight like excessive computer screen time, excessive watching of TV, improper lighting while reading and improper sitting position while reading can cause poor eyesight.

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Solutions to tackle poor eyesight and do the eye care treatment:

  • Get your eye checkup done as soon as possible as it will help you to detect the problem. An eye checkup will help the optometrist to recommend solutions for any eye infection treatment, if present.


  • Most common solution is putting on glasses. Depending upon the condition of the person is suffering from, like farsighted, astigmatism or near sighted, the doctor will recommend a proper lens for your eye problem to correct your eyesight.
  • You can also get the glasses based on the type of your need, for example, some people may require the lens for daily use and for reading alone. It is thus necessary that you seek professional help to get the maximum benefits from the glasses.
  • In case you don’t want to wear glasses. You can then have another option like contact lenses. These lenses are very useful for those people who don’t want to wear glasses. But wearing contact lenses is not an easy task as the person need to take proper care of the hygiene while applying and handling the lenses.
  • Today there are many advanced solutions also available for the same such as laser surgery and these are very reliable techniques also to get the eyesight back again to normal.It is nowadays used in various parts of the world  and with great success and reputation. Before getting an eye surgery it is recommended to go for getting full information about the doctor, institute and the technique involved in the laser surgery.
  • There is another advanced solution to poor eyesight, for those people who don’t want to wear glasses, contact lenses or go for laser surgery. Ortho-K is the solution for those people who want to go for advanced eye surgery. If you want to go for Ortho-K, then you must know that these are overnight vision rectification contact lenses. Wearing the lens overnight will help you to enjoy the clear vision in the daytime. It is the best solution for those people who don’t want to wear contact lenses in the day time. It is suitable for Athletes and people with active lifestyle.
  • If you don’t want to go for all these techniques and still want to improve your sight you can go for natural home remedies for the same. You can use any of the following natural remedies, that are safer and side effects free for getting improved eyesight.

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  1. Soak triphla churnain water over night and then wash your eyes with this natural eyewash in the morning. It helps to relax the eyes and relieves stress also.
  2. Massage your eyes after a strenuous screen time. Put your middle three fingers of both hands on your respective eyelids and feel the warmth of the eyes. Avoid stressing the eyelids, just massage gently and enjoy the relaxe
  3. Bat your eyes regularly with both eyelids to maintain the moisture in the eyes.

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