When to Talk To Your Child about Sex?

It is not always easy for parents to discuss sex with their children. Discuss things according to the maturity level of your child. Use simple language and sentences while discussing sex with your child.

Children need to have their parents to talk to them about sexuality. It can be difficult to talk about sexuality, but if your child has started asking queries related to sex, and then understand that they are ready to receive truthful answers from you as a parent.

When to Talk To Your Child about Sex?

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Young children are more curious to know about their bodies and other people. Some people have a myth that is talking to their children about sex will make to go out and do it which is not at all true.  Studies revealed that children whose parents discuss sex start involving in sexual practices at a later life and are more likely to use contraceptive measures.

So if you are a parent who is not comfortable discussing sex and need some tips, this document will provide information to help you get your message across your children.

Talking about sex

Creating an open environment for discussing sex with children is necessary for children’s development. It helps in making healthy attitudes towards sex and sexuality. It is the responsibility of the parents for educating their children about sex.

  • Discuss sexuality at an appropriate level-

Being a parent, make sure that you discuss sex with your child at an appropriate level. Keep in mind the level of maturity of your child while discussing sexuality. You should adjust explanations according to child level of understanding; try to use easy and simple language so that your child can easily understand.

  • Start discussing sex at an early stage-

Start by discussing body parts and maturation, and then intercourse while your child is young. Children tend to ask more questions at an early age. Being a parent, if you handle these questions earlier, it will be easy for you to discuss when your child grows older.  It has been shown that children who have discussed sex with their parents are more comfortable with the subject as compared to those who do not discuss sexuality with their parents. Such children are more likely to approach their parents in case of problems that might occur in the future.

  • Being a parent, be available for your child-

Express through your words and expressions that you are always available to answer any query that your child might have. Let your children know that you are always there for him/her.

  • Be comfortable and feel free-

While discussing sex with your children, treat the topic as any other important topic. If your child senses that you are not comfortable in answering his/her question, he/she will rarely come to you to share personal problems later in life. With this behavior of yours, your child might also lead to believe that sex is wrong or taboo.

  • Do not wait for your children to ask about sex-

Being a parent, you should be the one who initiates the discussions about sexuality. This gesture of yours will make your child feel comfortable in bringing up questions regarding the topic. At some point, you may think it is hard to explain them. In such cases, you can take use everyday occurrences as opportunities to discuss sex. For example, while bathing your child, you can point out the genital organs and name it and other body parts as well. If your child notices a pregnant woman and asks questions about her stomach size, use the situation and start discussing reproduction, which an offspring form, etc. When your children begin going through puberty, presents can mention that they are nothing breast development or voice changes and discuss further the changes that take place in the body when your child is going to enter his/her adolescence phase. Like this, there are several opportunities that a parent may get from everyday life to discuss sex with their children. Create a healthy relationship between you and your child.

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Never ignore your child’s questions about sex. Make an effort to answer him/her truthfully. Educate them as much as you can according to their level of maturity as this will contribute to making them lead a healthy sex life.

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