Top 6 Anti-Aging Tips for Your Hands

You probably think about products and strategies for reducing the wrinkles or dark spots from your face and you must have used many things for the anti-aging effects. But do you also think about your hands as well? They also age like our face and they are also susceptible to sun damage, environmental harms like soaps, hand sanitizers and everyday “wear and tear.” So we need protection and care for our hands too like our face. As we neglect our hands, that’s why they look older than our face.

Here are some of the tips which can be used to nourish the skins of our hands and make them age slowly and look beautiful.

  • Hands are washed regularly and countless times in a day, which has a drying effect on the skin and which leads to wrinkling. So, in this situation do the following things:
  1. Try to apply moisturizer to your hands after every exposure to water. Use cream not lotion as they are better than a lot for restoring the natural oils of the skin.
  2. Use the anti-aging products, an antioxidant in the morning under sunscreen and a gentle retinol or tretinoin at night.

tips for your hands

  • Hands get a lot of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which damage the skin and these radiations cause brown spots. Exposure to the sun damages skin thickness, collagen, and elasticity.

Follow these tips for the solution of this problem

  1. Wear gloves during driving and apply sunscreen.
  2. For already damage hands, consult your physician for corrective treatments like IPL/Photorejuvenation or Fraxel Dual. These treatments nourish your skin, restore collagen and natural elasticity of the skin and remove brown spots.
  • With aging hands loose fat and this lead to the more prominent appearance of veins. So follow these tips to tackle this problem:
  1. Use Juvederm or Restylane for volume to plump the skin on the back of your hands and camouflage the veins.
  • There are various wonderful oils in your kitchen which give youthful, glowing and healthy skin. Many cooking oils contain essential fatty acids, which can be used for nourishing your hand skin and slowing the process of aging. These oils are used for a natural skin care treatment.
  • The dead skin gets accumulated in the hands so best thing removes these dead skins so the new skin can grow and your hands can look young and beautiful. This will lead to the smooth, soft and radiant skin.
  • The best way to rejuvenate your hands or your body is changing your lifestyle. Start eating healthy and do exercise regularly. There are many things which you can eat rejuvenate the skin of your whole body, not just the hands. Drink lots of water and eat anti-aging foods such as bio-carrot seeds, nuts, spices, herbs, etc. These foods will make the skin healthier and will reduce aging effects. You can also buy bio carrot seed preparation to protect your hands.
  • Quit smoking- according to the physicians’ smoking is one of the main causes of the development of wrinkles. The reason is that it reduces the flow of blood to the top layers of the skin, depriving them of the nutrients and oxygen they need to look their best. The longer the smoking, the more your skin will wrinkle.
  • Get enough sleep- researchers have proved that there is a link between skin aging and a lack of quality of sleep. So take proper sleep and this will rejuvenate your skin. Taking 6 hours or more sleep every day helps your skin to stop aging and help your skin look healthy and young.

Your hands are also very important, so take good care of them.

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