Ways to Combat the Issue of Infertility: Never lose hope!

Procreation is among the primary characteristics of human beings. Fertility is a natural capability to produce offspring. All married couples want a baby sooner or later. But there are times when a woman is unable to conceive even after regular sexual intercourse over a period. This situation leads to infertility issues. Seeking professional medical help becomes necessary for proper treatment. Here we will look at the major causes and treatment of infertility. 

Ways to Combat the Issue of Infertility

What are the reasons for infertility?

It is almost seven years that Peter and Stella have been married, but Stella has not conceived to date. When they consulted a doctor and underwent proper check ups, many truths became apparent. Pregnancy occurs after right ovulation and fertilization. Couples trying for a baby can face issues due to problems in both of them.

Causes of female infertility are as follows: • Ovulation disorders

• Uterine or cervical abnormalities

• Fallopian tube damage or blockage

• Primary ovarian insufficiency

• Pelvic adhesions

• Thyroid problems

• Cancer in female reproductive organ

• Genetic abnormalities

Reasons for infertility in men are as follows:

• Abnormal generation of sperm, genetic defects or health problems like diabetes.

• Failed sperm delivery is due to premature ejaculation, genetic diseases, blockage of the part of the testis, which contains damaged sperms or injury of reproductive organs.

• Exposure to the certain chemicals like radiation, tobacco smoke, marijuana, pesticides, alcohol and steroids can also affect the sperm count

• Chemotherapy for cancer treatment can impair the sperm production.

• Testicular cancer can also affect the sperm production.

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Ways to increase fertility Finding reasons for infertility is the only way of begetting a child. Seeking professional medical help is the only way of finding a causative reason behind the condition. There are a number of treatments that addresses infertility issues. Along with medical treatment, there are natural ways to increase fertility. Some of them are given here:

• A balanced diet keeps us healthy and supplies the body with essential nutrients for the development of vital body parts. Whatever you eat has an effect your body. A balanced diet has a salutory effect on the overall functioning of body functions. Boosting fertility by eating healthy diet is a natural therapy for infertility. Abstaining from alcohol, curbing caffeine, cutting down on smoking and ingesting vital supplements like vitamins and minerals can better your chances of conceiving. Various food supplements like folic acid, Selenium, zinc, omega 3 Fatty acids, vitamin E&C, etc., improve male and female fertility.These supplements help in balancing hormones and increase fertility prospects.

• Excess intake of alcohol and smoking are the two prime reasons for infertility. Alcohol affects you and your partner and can reduce fertility by half. The ill effects of alcohol on sperm count and its maturation is well known. So, it is best to avoid excessive intake of alcohol for restoration of fertility. In pregnant women fetal abnormalities due to excessive intake of alcohol can result such as low IQ levels, etc., of the baby.

• Exercise to prevent obesity. As excess fat in the body stimulates the overproduction of certain hormones that interfere the ovulation. Losing weight increases the fertility chances in women.

• Depression and stress may hamper fertility so try to keep yourself calm and positive. Medical treatment of infertility.

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The advancement of medical sciences has given hope to childless couples. Medical treatment for both sexes is available that addresses the problems of infertility. The kinds of treatment for infertile women are as follows:

• Multiple problems with ovulation can be understood by consulting a specialist for proper treatment. Fertility pills such as Clomiphene stimulate ovaries to release eggs. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common cause of infertility. Insulin resistance is one reason for PCOS. Drugs like Metformin and Pioglitazone are given to overcome the higher levels of insulin and improve ovulation. This way fertility pills are administered to reverse the effects of infertility.

• In the case of blocked or damaged fallopian tube, tubal surgeries can help reopen the fallopian tubes. The tubal surgery increases the chances of fertility in women with fallopian tube related problems.

• Hormonal injections and artificial insemination are two other ways of bettering fertility chances. In the former, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone maintains the Progesterone levels and initiates the ovulation process. The latter one is a technique which involves the insertion of sperm in the female uterus, cervix or fallopian tube by means of thin, flexible tube.

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Ways to increase fertility in men:

• The blockage of the ducts conveying sperm from the testis can be treated by surgery.

• HCG therapy is also very useful in treating male infertility as HCG stimulates the formation of testosterone by stimulating the Leydig cells. Testosterone is essential for the formation of sperm.


Final words Infertility is not incurable. Awareness of factors that trigger infertility may help you to regain your fertility. Eat healthy food, keep an eye on menstrual cycles for any abnormality, which should be brought to the doctor’s attention immediately. There ways to increase fertility through medical intervention.


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