16 Cigarette Quitting Tips

Are you among the population of smokers who wish to quit smoking? Then you first understand that quitting smoking is not easy, but at the same time, it is not tough as well. It only requires determination and self-control. You just require multiple attempts before you successfully stop. According to the data, there are more former smokers in the USA than current smokers.

If you have finally reached to a point in your life where you are ready to quit your smoking habit, first of all, well done for making this decision!

To break your nicotine addiction, you can have these ideas that help you get started:

  1. Think positive- You might have tried quitting your bad habit multiple times before and was not able to manage it but don’t let this lose your hope. Leave your past and think about the current situation how you are really going to do this time.
  2. Planning is required- If you have decided, first of all, make a plan, set a quitting date, and put yourself to stick to it. Dragging yourself to the rule won’t help you. Whenever you find yourself incapable, just take a deep breath and say to yourself stick with it until the craving pass. Plan your actions, and escape routes that let you go towards the wrong directions.
  3. Consider a new diet chart- For some people, after dinner cigarette is pleasurable. According to a study, foods including meat make cigarettes more satisfying. On the other hands, foods like fruits, cheese, and vegetables make cigarette taste terrible. So, switching from your usual burger to a veggie pizza is a good idea. Make changes in your meals as well. Have your food in a room where you can’t smoke.
  4. Change your drink- Drinking alcohol, tea, and coffee to make cigarettes taste better. So, whenever you hang out with your friends, consider drinking juice and cold water. You can switch from your vodka drink to tomato juice.
  5. Identify your cravings- Usually a craving last for five minutes. When you want to smoke at a party consider leaving the party and go for a minute dance. Think about the fact that a combination of smoking and drinking could contribute to mouth cancer.
  6. Get the support- Friends, and family are a good support if they also want to give up. Suggest to them that you give up together. Stop smoking service is also available to help you. With such type of support, you will be four times more likely to quit successfully. An expert help can works wonder for you.
  7. Get moving- Scientific studies has proved that brisk walking, stretching exercises, or even five minutes of physical activity cuts cigarette cravings and may help your brain to produce chemicals that keep cravings at bay.
  8. Surround yourself with nonsmoking pals- Stick with nonsmokers friends. Whenever you go to a party, consider hanging out with nonsmoking people.
  9. Keep your mouth busy- Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can help you quit smoking. There are patches, tablets, gum, and nasal spray available to double your chances of success. You can hold any of these things instead of a cigarette. You can also try NuLife chewettes to lower your cigarette cravings. Sip your drink with a straw to make your mouth busy for some more time.
  10. Your reasons to quit smoking- It is important to keep reminding why you have decided to quit. When you need a support check your list of reasons to quit. For instance, you can check the picture of your baby whenever you find yourself in trouble.
  11. Brush your teeth- Brush often. So that your mouth tastes better and your breath smells better. This way you will less likely to light up a cigarette to ruin your good smell.
  12. Stop when you have conceived- Give importance to your baby’s health. Your baby inside your womb may breathe the harmful smoke and may develop health complications so, kindly avoid it.
  13. Taking enough sleep,
  14. Opting for stress-reducing activities,
  15. Drinking plenty of fluids,
  16. Taking prescription pills like nuLife chewettes may also help.

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