Best eye care measures for computer users

Computer users often complain of eye problems that may be mild or serious. You have to take proper eye care treatment to mitigate the impact of computer use. Eye problems associated with the use of computers are very common. Using computer continuously for hours may raise the risk of some eye diseases and disorders that can affect eyesight. People suffer from various symptoms of eye problems rendered by the excess use of computers.

Eye care treatments: There are several tips and treatments that can help you to combat the impact of long-time computer use. These tips are easy to follow and they have greater effects so that your eyes get good protection. Let’s see some of these eye care treatments.

Eye care for computer users

Take frequent breaks: Continuous use of the computer for hours is bad for your eyes, so you should take breaks in between to give your eyes proper rest. Just move from your chair and remain off the computer screen for a moment; this practice will make your eyes feel re-energized. You can make a timetable that you will take a break for 5 minutes after every 45 minutes of computer use.

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Wash your eyes: Keep your eyes clean and free from dirt before sitting in front of a computer. It also proves to be a good eye infection treatment as your eyes need not fight any other problems while facing computer screen. A clean eye will also give you a clear vision without straining it too much.

Blink your eyes more frequently: Even if you have to spend long time to work on the computer, don’t forget to blink your eyes more frequently. Blinking the eyes will help you to avoid irritation and dryness. Remember that just partial lid closure of eyes will not help you moisten the eyes properly. Dry eyes could be a result of long non-blinking as your eyes evaporate tears while remaining open for the longer times. Blinking eyes is a good eye care treatment that doesn’t require any medical aid. Some people use artificial tears to wash their eyes when using a computer. But take an advice of your doctor before applying any artificial tears.

Wear computer glasses: Eyewear glasses are a common prescription for computer users. Those who spend a lot of time working on computers are advised to wear computer glasses that can be your regular eyeglasses or special glasses to computer users. Usually, such vision lenses have no power and are designed give you a comfortable vision while using the computer. These anti-glare glasses not only help to minimize glare but also can improve vision when you use a computer.

Do eye exercises: You should do some eye exercises to improve the health of eyes. Even if you don’t use the computer that much, doing some eye exercises will help you maintain a good eye vision. Just try to massage your eyeballs in the circular motion over the eyes for just two minutes. This exercise will also give strength to your eye to fight against eye diseases and disorders. Make a routine to do the eye exercise regularly.

Position your monitor right: It’s important to fix your computer in a correct position that does not strain your eyes too much. Secondly, you have to maintain a correct distance (approximately 20-40 inches) between eyes and computer screen that is comfortable for you. Ideally, your computer screen should be tilted so your eye level remains 15-20 degree below the eye level. This position helps your eye care treatment without costing you anything additional.

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Keep screen glare low: The reflections on the computer screen make a difference in supporting a good eye vision. You should lower glare or brightness of the screen as per the comfort of your eyes. If you already have any symptoms of eye problems, it becomes necessary not to strain your eyes too much and keeping the glare low is just a preventive measure. You can also use an anti-reflective coating on your screen. Proper lighting in the surrounding of your workplace is also important to lessen the strain on your eyes.

Healthy diet is must: You cannot afford to compromise with the healthy and nutritious diet whether you are taking any eye infection treatments or not. Take the food items that are known to enhance eye vision. Your diet rich in vitamin A, C, & E as well as minerals and B-complex is essential to treat eye problems.

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