Eye exercises for dry eyes

Improve your dry eye symptoms and reinforce your peepers by adding in some eye exercises. Try these home remedies and exercises for eyes to brace up your eyes naturally!

Dry eyes syndrome
Your eyes need tears to remain moisturized and to wash away particles that have entered it. A healthy tear film on the eye is essential for fine vision. Dry eye syndrome, or dry eye disease, is a common eye problem that occurs when the eyes are unable to sustain a healthy coating of tears, or the tears evaporate too rapidly. This leads to drying out of the eyes and causes blurred vision, sensitivity to light and, redness, swelling and irritation in the eyes.


Dry eye syndrome is a chronic and an accelerating eye problem. Depending on its origin and stringency, it may not be completely healable. However, the following exercises for eyes will help improve vision and get rid of the eye problem:

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  • Start with a focus change exercise that gives your eyes a quick warm up. Hold one finger at a distance of two inches from your eyes. Focus on that finger as you move it away from your face slowly. Now, focus far into the distance for a few seconds and then bring your focus back to the finger. Slowly draw forth the finger to within 2 inches of the eye. Finish by staring at something in the distance for a few seconds. Do it three times in row for optimal results.
  • Next, elevate your eyes upward diagonally to the right. Then, stretch them diagonally downward to the left. Go back and forth with this ten times or more.
  • Tired? So yawn! Yawning stimulates production of tears, naturally. As you yawn, you press the lacrimal ducts in the eyes, inducing moisture. Try yawning a few times when your eyes are feeling dry. Easy enough, right?
  • Eye pushups are one of the best exercises to trigger your tear ducts and alleviate dry, strained eyes. Start by staring at a distant object for about 20 seconds. Then, stare at something much closer to you for 20 seconds. Continue with this motion for at least 5 minutes.
  • Palming exercises for eyes work, too. Warm your hands by rubbing them against each other. Now, gently place your hands on your face. Check the position of your hands and make sure that you get perfect coverage that does not allow any light to reach your eyes. Breathe deeply with all your focus only on breathing. (Note: if you wear contact lenses, take them out before performing this one!)
  • Close your eyes or press them shut occasionally when you don’t need to see. For example, squeeze your eyes shut tightly for 5 seconds while sitting on the bus or listening to music. Start with 10 repetitions.

These are some of the best eye exercises for dry eyes. You may also follow the following tips that are easy and safe and can alleviate the problems of dry eye and improve vision as well:

  • Quit smoking: Cigarette smoke causes drying of eyes 40 percent more quickly than when the eyelids are held open.
  • Eat healthy: This not only helps improving your eyesight but also reduces your risk of getting caught by other eye problems. Eat as much essential oils including omega-3, as possible. They are important for lubrication of the eyes and joints. You can find them in cold-water fish, walnut, flaxseed, kidney beans, etc. Supplement them with good eye vitamins.
  • Blink more frequently as blinking stimulates production of tears from the lacrimal glands and moisten your eyes.
  • Avoid eye makeup: It may sound offensive to many of the female readers but the fact about makeup is that it thins out the oily layer of tear film. This causes dehydration of your eyes. Also, eye makeup can easily sustain bacteria and applying them to your eyes can trigger infection. Make sure there’s not even a single trace of make up on your skin before you sleep.
  • Stop wearing contact lenses: Similar to a sponge, soft contact lenses soak up moisture from your eyes to maintain their own saturation. Thus, encouraging evaporation of tears from the eye surface.
  • Reposition your monitor: Place your computer in a way that you are looking down at the screen.
  • Decrease the speed of the fan as excessive movement of air causes dryness of eyes.
  • Avoid smog and fumes as they not only make your eyes dry and irritated but also reduce their ability to ward off bacterial infections.

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  • Drink more water: As tears are mainly made up of water, drinking more water is an essential remedy for the eye problem.

Conclusion: Dry eye syndrome, which is also known as dry eyes or keratoconjunctivitis sicca, is a common eye problem. It causes drying, itching and, redness of eyes. It can be a pain and can harm your vision severly. But with these best eye exercises and tricks you can improve dry eyes as well your eye sight.

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