Why Instant Noodles Are Bad For Your Health

The world is currently facing a major health issue and about 25% of the US population is suffering from metabolic syndrome. Metabolism is an extensive chemical process that is needed to sustain life. It is a central aspect of our body functions. High metabolism is needed for the proper functioning of all body processes. An efficient metabolism helps to maintain body tissues and generates energy for all sorts of cellular activity. Metabolic syndrome is an umbrella term which covers a lot of health aspects such as high blood glucose, blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

As name suggests, it is a disorder of energy use and its storage. Diabetes is a common metabolic syndrome which leads to dire complications that are known to cause 3.2 million deaths in America every year. The fundamental reason of its high prevalence is the way we live our lives. According to a study published in a journal of the American College of Cardiology, abdominal obesity is a prime reason behind the high prevalence of metabolic syndrome in US population. It is essential that we be well-addressed and opt for a healthy lifestyle by simply eating healthy. Severe complications such as cardiac problems, kidney dysfunction and retinopathy have disturbed the lives of people of every race. It is a must to take the necessary efforts to keep metabolic syndromes at bay.

Instant Noodles

Who’s the real offender?

Obesity is a prime reason behind the problems of metabolism. Sedentary living, lack of exercise, genetics, junk food are few factors that can induce obesity which can further hamper the process of metabolism. Out of all, diet intake holds a major part of the reason triggering metabolic syndrome. Research has supported the fact that junk food is a major factor causing health problems such as:

• Cardiac abnormalities
• Arthritis
• Diabetes
• Poor cognitive skills

A new study conducted by Dr Hyun Joon Shin, a renowned cardiologist, has revealed that the effects of 2 minute instant noodles has a long lasting impact on our body as they have a potential to induce cardio-metabolic syndrome. This cardio-metabolic syndrome leads to serious heart problems and diabetes. Noodles are always a student’s first choice as it satisfies the taste buds with its delicious taste, within their budget. Even the Consumers Association of Penang has demanded to highlight the dangers of instant noodles. Noodles are a convenient and cost effective food that is relished by adults and children alike.

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What makes instant noodles so dangerous?

Instant noodles are a meal choice that has less nutrients as compared to other food groups. They deliver great taste, but have a potency to cause metabolic syndromes.
In a study published by the journal of nutrition, women who eat instant noodles twice a week have more than 65% of chance of developing metabolic syndrome. Women are reported to be at highest risk as some brands of noodles contain the harmful chemical bispehnol A which interferes with the body’s hormones such as estrogen. To be well versed with the ill effects posed by the noodles, it is important to understand its constituents. Every single serving contains high carbohydrate, sodium and other harmful high calorie food additives. It lacks nutritious fiber and essential minerals. Even the containers are made up of elements which have been proven to carcinogenic. The wide array of dangerous elements are listed below:

• Tertiary butyl hydroquinone is a cheap food preservative and a by-product of the petroleum industry. Instant noodles take a long time to get digested by the digestive juices of the stomach. This delayed absorption leads to the release of the toxic preservative tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ).

• Sodium increases the risk of heart problems and kidney stones. Noodles have high content of sodium, which is a major risk factor in causing kidney and heart problems. Instant noodles serve 800 mg of sodium which comes to be a good chunk of your daily consumption as the maximum sodium intake recommended by US RDA (Recommended dietary allowance) is 2400 mg.

• Monosodium glutamate or MSG is a flavor enhancer used in processed food items. It is one of the primary ingredients of noodles. Excitotoxin has the ability to overstimulate the cells and causes symptoms like burning sensations of the head, mouth and neck, weakness, headaches and stomach disturbances. Many research studies have deduced the detrimental health effects of MSG. In one study conducted by Lordan Etal, other symptoms of consuming instant noodles include lethargy and obesity due to regular exposure to Mono sodium glutamate. It is also a carcinogen.

• Propylene glycol is a humectant that is added to preserve the noodles and keep them dry. Propylene glycol is approved by USFDA for its usage in food, cosmetics and drugs. But some studies have shown that regular exposure to it can cause poor immunity, heart and kidney problems as well.

Aside from the above mentioned harmful effects of its ingredients, noodles are quite hard to digest. Instant noodles take more than two hours to get digested properly and its whole calories are not burnt well. Digestive tracts use high peristaltic force to break down the noodles. Instant noodles have high calorie content that disturbs our digestion and metabolism as well. This prolonged duration of digestion and harmful ingredients is good enough to make them a legitimate threat.

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It is a taste that harms!
Instant noodles have shown a higher risk of a cluster of metabolic syndromes such as diabetes, heart and kidney problems. Regular consumption of noodles will only result in bad health. Mix the noodles with fresh vegetables and other healthy alternatives to balance out your nutrient intake. Remember that for the taste, you can incorporate instant noodles in your diet for not more than once or twice a month. To overcome the ill effects of Bisphenol A, boil the water in a separate container and then prepare the noodles. Avoid placing the cup in the microwave as it will release more toxic chemicals. Make salads a one time meal and opt for low calorie snacks for overall healthy living. Disrupting your metabolism by consuming instant noodles will only result in severe health problems.

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