Male Baldness Could Be a Personality Too

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia is found in all age groups from teenagers, youngsters to old ones, but it’s mostly witnessed among men in their 30s and 40s.

There is no exact visible pattern of hair loss as different people show different shapes of skin once the hair is lost; that why it’s called as pattern. The male pattern gives a different look from the female. Male pattern baldness scale is referred as Hamilton-Norwood scale because this measurement technique was first introduced by Dr. James Hamilton, 1950s, and later on revised by Dr. O’Tar Norwood. Typically, male hair loss patterns create M, U, C and O shapes.

Causes of male pattern baldness:

Baldness in men is majorly related to genetic and hormonal (androgens) reasons. Both of these cases lead to receding hairline and thinning hair on the crown, though sometimes one of both reasons is stronger. Let’s understand the structural formation of hair– each strand of the hair is rooted to a tiny hole in the skin known as the follicle. It takes 2-6 years for the proper development of follicles, but due to genetic and hormonal disorder these follicles become smaller and eventually get blocked. Once the hair starts falling, it is unable to take birth and develop again. Sometimes, shorter and thinner strands limit the growth of hair. Though baldness due to heredity is harmless, but, in some cases, it could be a cause of certain skin problems. Intense medications and intake of external steroid are other causes affecting the normal development of hair while health condition is also responsible for the patchy spot, hair breakage, and male pattern baldness.

Symptoms of male pattern hair loss:

Hair loss starts from the front hairline and then gradually moves to the middle and backward. You can observe the gradual progression of baldness starting with finer, shorter, and thinner hair, and it takes ‘M’ shape and then ‘U’ and then, may be, absolutely clean shave.

Is baldness treatable?

As far as the diagnosis of baldness is concerned, there are many solutions, but no one is scientifically authentic to treat the pattern baldness completely. Here are some popular methods being applied to check male pattern baldness:

• Coconut oil massage The hair scalp has to be very strong from preventing it breakage. Rubbing the purest form of coconut oil can check hair fall to some extent. It shields hair and provides the necessary moisture to ensure its healthy growth.

• Prefer herbal products Instead of aromatic chemical shampoos, it would be better to apply more natural hair care products as they delicately care hair follicles. Toxic chemicals may provide an instant result, but they are very harmful to hair if used for a long time. Such materials have severe side-effects and, sometimes, could be a reason for male pattern baldness that might remain untreated.

• Balance your insulin level Male pattern baldness could occur because of the excess levels of insulin circulating in the blood. This condition is also called Hyperinsulinemia that is proportionally related to the intake of carbohydrate. So you have to keep your insulin levels in check by some hard physical exercise.

• Explore medical procedures Some over-the-counter medicines are available promising your hair back on the crown. In the particular cases where male hair loss occurs due to an imbalance in testosterone can be controlled through medicines. Further, medication can resist the shrinkage of follicles but can’t remove the probability of baldness.

• Hair transplant is not bad Science has developed a lot; what you cannot find naturally, science can make it possible. Hair transplant technique is one such thing being widely used by both men and women. There is an entire course of hair transplantation in which hair patches are roped in the bald area. Though it’s a bit expensive, and there is a little risk of infection, but it works well in gaining a natural look of hair.

• Eat healthy, drink healthy As always, the nutrients we take can make a difference. The vitamin-rich food products can simply prosper the body cells and hair follicles as well. Take fruit juice, green vegetables, milk, egg, meat products, and, not to forget, water as much as possible to keep yourself healthy. Undoubtedly, a balanced diet can control hair loss, so stick to it.


Pattern baldness is not a serious disease; it is just a condition that doesn’t normally harm the health of the body. Male pattern baldness does not take away the dashing quotient of a personality as is proven by the popularity of Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, Billy Zane, Vin Diesel and Andre Agassi etc. Even if you fail with the home remedies give above, don’t be disheartened as male hair loss can be made a stylistic choice, and baldness would become a part your personality.

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