Natural and effective ways to treat acne

Who would not like to have a glowing and healthy skin? Spotless skin indicates an overall healthy body. Acne is found to be a very common skin problem that people from different age groups experience. But you don’t panic when effective natural acne medications are available to help you out.

Understanding acne

Generally, skin acne occurs in adults but adolescents may also face it. Your epidermis isn’t at fault rather it occurs mainly due to some hormonal changes in the body with aging. It causes extra sebum that clogs up your skin pores. You have to keep patience and not to use any harsh chemical that may further engrave the skin pores. Take a medication for acne that is natural as well as effective. There are several natural elements for acne treatment that are not only effective but also helpful to maintain the natural beauty of your skin. Some of these home natural medications for acne are described here: Also Read: Non-Prescription Eyelash Enhancer 101

Application of apple cider vinegar:

A powerful acne treatment comes in the form of apple cider vinegar. It helps to eliminate the bacteria that may be causing all the trouble in the first place. Apple cider vinegar works like an alkaline and it makes a balance to the pH level of your skin, making it difficult for bacteria to thrive. You can make it more effective by adding lemon juice. This solution prevents the overproduction of sebaceous gland so that acne outbreak declines.

Natural and effective ways to treat acne

It’s very easy to apply apple cider vinegar as you have to wash your face with water and pat dry. Now use a ratio of vinegar and water as 1:3. Take a cotton ball and dip it into vinegar and then apply it directly on the affected area. Let it dry for 10 minutes before washing with cool water. With this acne medication at home, you will feel a change after a few day of regular application.

Clean face with honey:

Honey offers an excellent antioxidant agent that helps you remove acne and blackheads. The antibacterial properties available in honey work to inhibit acne breakouts. It also removes excess skin oil but leaves it moisturized. Honey can be typically applied with milk to improve natural beauty of your skin. This natural acne treatment solution can soothe the irritated skin and treat skin redness. The acids present in honey are antibacterial in nature that properly nourishes your skin.

It’s very easy to apply honey on skin. You can mix it with 1 tablespoon milk or yogurt. Use this mixture with the help of a cotton pad on acne. Let it dry for a few minutes before washing gently with lukewarm water.

Papaya to prevent acne:

Papaya is one of the highly effective and beneficial ingredients in removing acne without leaving any scars on your face. This natural acne medication has proved its worth and many beauty products are using papaya residue to achieve a glowing skin. You can apply plain raw papaya to get rid of dead skin cells and lipids from the skin. Papain, an enzyme available in papaya, can reduce skin inflammation to prevent acne.

Use banana peel:

Banana peels have something to offer to your skin. Their peels contain lutein which is a powerful antioxidant agent. This element can reduce skin swelling and inflammation that helps you to eliminate acne and improve the health of skin cells. You can directly rub the banana peel on your face to treat redness, irritation, and discomfort of acne.

Lemon juice to remove acne:

Lemon juice proves to be very effective in acne treatment. It is rich in vitamin C, which helps you exfoliate the skin and eliminate regulate sebum production. Lemon juice is suitable for all types of skin and it works like a natural skin whitener to reduce redness. You can apply it on acne with the help of a cotton ball. Rinse off lemon juice after 20 minutes of application.

Garlic paste to prevent acne breakouts:

The antibacterial properties available in garlic make it a good natural remedy for acne. It not only removes acne but also helps to prevent them in the future. You can mask garlic paste on skin for a few minutes. Let your skin soak it properly before washing off.

Other natural things for acne treatment:

  • Avocado & honey mask
  • Coconut Oil
  • Oatmeal powder
  • Aloe Vera
  • Green tea extract
  • Clay-Based Masks and exfoliants
  • Sugar scrub

Also Read: Best eye care measures for computer users Apart from these, you have to make some changes in your lifestyle to discourage acne outbreaks. Acne medication doesn’t mean you have to try these methods only, but you can take care of your skin by making some adjustments in your lifestyle such as take healthy diet, resist chemical use on skin, don’t take too much stress and drink enough water to keep your skin fresh.

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