High Blood PressureAn average American laughs 4 to 8 times a day. Yes, that’s it! But why is this important? There is a reason that the laughter clubs exist in the world. Laughter is possibly the best and the only medicine to keep one happy. Everyone deserves happiness and it doesn’t take much effort to find it. Find those little joys in life to lead a happy and healthy life. In today’s stressful lifestyle, it is imperative to be happy and think positive. Lighten up your days with a good old hearty laughter. Bring in the Laugh Out Loud (LOL) culture to your life, literally! The best high blood pressure treatment, healthy for heart, as well as for immunity, laughter comes bearing gifts!

Apart from making you look and feel good, laughter is considered to be one of the best cures for any problem in the world. Laughing causes your head to stop thinking negative and your body to release the happy hormones. If laughing can help by being a medicine, why not try to laugh and be healthy. After all, it’s better to be safe early on than be sorry later on. Some of the medicinal benefits of laughing are as follows:-

  1. Get the abs that you want:

    Laugh your heart out while gearing up for a nice abs exercise. While laughing one’s muscles contract and expand. Similarly, while exercising on the abs too, the muscles contract and expand. Tone up your paunch without much effort and laugh as much as you can! Laughing for 10 to 15 minutes helps lose about 50 calories.

  2. Laughing boosts the good cells in your body:

    Your immune system cells known as the T Cells are activated whenever you laugh. Increase in your immunity level means you fight off diseases and mild discomforts with ease. Get sick lesser and get well faster.

  3. Endorse a healthy grin every now and then:

    Studies have also revealed that being happy and laughing cause a stir in our mind and instantly we feel positive about life, our situations and with our body, soul and mind too. It helps elevate our moods from time to time and we tend to feel more rested and perform better.

  4. Get those envious jaw lines:

    Laughing essentially is an exercise to the cheeks and the jaw. Laughing countless times every day will help you cut down on the fat on your cheeks and your jaw. A good laugh and a shapely jaw. That’s got to be a bonus!

  5. Keeps stress under levels:

    When stressed about something at work or with your life, laugh it out. Laughing helps forget the problems for a while and concentrate on the bigger picture. It helps to divert attention from the stress and keeps your mind free from thinking negatively and taking unnecessary tension. It also helps lowering your blood pressure levels, in turn taking care of your heart, and proving to be an excellent high blood pressure treatment.

  6. If you smile, so does everyone:

    If you have a happy and pleasant laugh, everyone around you will adore you and want to interact with you. Cracking jokes and using humor to your best advantage can help you score place in your boss’s good books, your colleague’s good books and score points from your other half.

  7. Laughing helps increase blood flow:

    Hearty laughter keeps the flow of blood going with ease. Having a good blood flow means being in good shape. Good blood flow means lesser visits to doctors, lesser problems and lesser medicinal intake.

The one stop destination to a good health is laughter. No wonder they say, laughter is the medicine! Do you agree with this? Leave a reply – what makes you laugh?

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