Sleeping For A Few Hours Makes You Prone To Weight Gain

According to a recent study, people who only took five hours sleep a night gained two pounds in a week. Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain because when sleep deprived, people eat less breakfast meal, but more snacks. Scientists proved that lack of sleep slows down the metabolism by causing the body to burn fewer calories. Not getting enough sleep not only makes you feel tired but also makes you fat, a research suggests.

A number of studies have observed that people who are taking a sleep of five hours or less are more likely to gain weight and weight-related health problems such as type-2 diabetes. To reduce weight, you don’t need to follow any diet for weight loss or buying weight loss products. All you need to do is to follow a healthy lifestyle, which includes a sleep of at least 6 hours. This helps you in maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life.

Sleeping For A Few Hours Makes You Prone To Weight Gain

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People who sleep for five hours or less each night are more likely to gain weight because they eat more snacks. They consume more calories in the form of after dinner-snacks instead of eating healthy food items. People who take adequate sleep are able to reduce their consumption of fat and carbohydrate and shed the pounds. The findings are alarming for millions of people who are taking less than five hours of sleep each night. It has been estimated that about one in three adults doesn’t take enough sleep. During periods of insufficient rest, people take a small breakfast but consume a lot of calories in the form of snacks that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers. A lack of sleep encourages weight gain by boosting hunger.

Science has proved that fewer hours of sleep can affect your waistline. Sleep deprivation affects your brain in such a way that it makes you eat more snacks. It slows down your metabolism and makes you feel tired. By sleeping fewer hours, you are programming your body to eat more and feel lethargic. Feelings lethargic leads to poor food choices like junk food, eating fewer vegetables and fruits, and drink more soda. The feeling of fatigues is often confused by a sign of hunger. You end up by consuming a major amount of calories, but don’t burn them through exercising because you feel too tired to workout, which results in gaining about 2-3 extra pounds a month.

So, next time when you wonder that the results of a healthy eating and workout habits are not visible, then be mindful of your sleep patterns. Taking a sleep of 5 hours or less creates a vicious cycle in your body, which makes you more prone to several factors that contribute to weight gain. The study states that the more sleep-deprived you will be, the higher your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which cause an increase in your appetite. And it is not suggested that you suddenly become ravenous for kale salads or make your mood to take weight loss supplements or weight loss pills. According to the study, it takes a bit of willpower to choose the healthy salad over the junk sandwich. When you feel tired, you go for whatever going to be easy to prepare and what makes you feel better in the moment.

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Always keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle is necessary to maintain a healthy body. A healthy lifestyle includes six-hour sleep, which is necessary for performing daily activities of life. Taking sufficient sleep will promote a healthy mind and enhance your overall body function. Sleep helps you to get instant relief from fatigue. A lack of sleep also decreases your body’s ability to process the sweet stuff.

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