Dandruff is not alien for you as many people carry it knowingly or unknowingly. Probably, you have it, you wash it off, but you find it again. There are several methods that make you learn how to treat severe dandruff effectively.

Also known as Seborrhea, dandruff is not something to fear; it’s just a chronic scalp condition in which loose white flakes of skin rest on your scalp. It’s often noticed on the back and shoulders. Though dandruff is not a serious problem, but it could be a cause of irritation and embarrassment. In some cases, the white skin flake becomes so adamant that you find it difficult to remove. Those who don’t want to try chemical products for hair can simply use some dandruff treatments at home that are safe and affordable as well.

This white flake on hair, scalp can be found in any age groups and, in some cases, dandruff can be a cause some skin problems. Severe dandruff looks like the white sand spread on your shoulder that does not appear well in the public. Let dandruff not degrade your self-esteem, so you must look for how to treat severe dandruff through different methods.

Causes of Dandruff:

• Dry skin
In many cases, dandruff coexists with dry skin. The development of white flake on the scalp is intensified by the dry or cool weather condition while oily skin discourages dandruff.

• Lack of hair massage
If you leave your hair without proper combing and massage, it may invite white flakes to develop. You have to comb and brush your hair regularly, especially after taking the bath. Softly massage the hair with nutritious oil and let the follicles feel the movement.

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• Yeast
The single-celled fungus, yeast may affect your skin that often results in dandruff. Those who are more sensitive to yeast find the higher risk of developing white flakes on the skin, and during winter it becomes worse.

• Seborrheic dermatitis
If you already have the problem of seborrheic dermatitis, then using any chemical, oil may further damage the skin. This condition makes ways for flaky white on the skin, including eyebrows, back of ears, and head.

• Poor shampooing
Different shampoos suit to different skin sensitivities. The chemicals found in the shampoo may harm your hair and cause dandruff. Take an expert advice before using a particular shampoo for your hair.

• Other causes
Some other reasons like unhealthy diet, mental stress, skin conditions, illness, pollution and chemical reaction could also invite dandruff, so you have to take care of them.

Symptoms of dandruff’s presence:

It is easy to figure out the existence of dandruff in all age groups. The white flakes of dead skin start with mild level. In the winter, dandruff attack increases, but it’s reduced during the summer season. The scaly and crusty scalp are very common in the babies. This particular condition, termed as cradle cap, disappears on its own with the growing age. Mild dandruff can be accompanied by skin irritation or itching.

Home treatments for dandruff:

The problem of dandruff can fairly be eliminated by natural products. Those who wonder how to treat severe dandruff can find the solution in many home products. Some of those products include:

• Lemon as a dandruff killer
Lemon juice can shake the white flakes and then remove them. The acids present in the lemon can kill fungus, necessary to control dandruff outbreaks. You can directly apply the lemon juice on the skin. So next time you try lemon before switching to chemical options.

• Aloe Vera
Another fine dandruff treatment at home comes from Aloe Vera. This herb is commonly used to strengthen hair follicles and clean skin. Its anti-fungal attributes restrict the growth of white flakes and promote the development of skin cells.

• Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is included among the most recommended natural oils that can effectively mitigate dandruff. The fungicidal properties found in this oil can significantly counter the severity of white flakes. You can also use some drops of this oil in your daily shampoo.

• Henna
Weekly henna treatments help maintaining healthy hair follicles and preventing dandruff. You can add some drops of lemon juice, one teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder, little tea, water, and two raw eggs to the henna powder and then make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the hair and after an hour wash it gently. This method will not only eliminate dandruff but also provide a better strength to the hair.

• Eat Healthy
Diet cannot be ignored ever, and it’s truly vital for improving skin conditions. Take the advice of dietary experts for a good selection of food items for healthy skin. They will also tell you how to treat severe dandruff through the intake of some particular vitamins. Probably, vitamin A and B, protein and folic acids are recommended to take for shiny skin.

• Other stuff for dandruff treatment at home
You can use some more home products for treating dandruff, such as:
• Salt
• Neem leaves
• Aspirin
• Vinegar
• Baking soda
• Coconut oil
• Garlic
• Olive oil

Dandruff is not something to panic, but it is not accepted to be good in general. This trivial thing could demean your self-esteem, so it’s better to get rid of dandruff as soon as possible. There are several over-the-counter products, but it’s better to know how to treat severe dandruff by using home tips. They are safe and effective as well.

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