9 Worst Eyecare Mistakes You’re Making!


Eyes give us picture-perfect snapshots of the world, and it is only fair we treat them with care. Dark circles, puffiness, redness, itchiness, wrinkles are eye woes you definitely wouldn’t want to suffer from. Yes, the advent of the digital age has created a robot generation, wherein eyes are constantly glued to glitzy smartphones and reality TV shows. Let’s look at the the biggest bloomers you commit when it comes to taking care of those gorgeous baby blues or dazzling hazels:

1. Exercise-for your eyes

Don’t worry; we aren’t talking about complex cardio exercises. Massaging your eye muscles and eyelids allows for relaxation and helps rest those tired beauties. Keeping your eyelids closed even for a few minutes is an absolute must-have for computer users. Also, remember to blink your eyelids to avoid strain and headaches.

2. Application of makeup

Ladies, this one’s for you! Mascara and eyeshadow are necessities that no female can do without. However, did you ever think about the millions of bacteria that are sitting on the applicator tip? They can cause infection and redness in your eyes. Instead, you can opt for eyeliner pencils that are fastened with protective caps.

3. Leave no trace of last night’s makeup

We often forget about removing our makeup after returning home from a crazy party night or hectic work day. Any makeup residues left on your eyes or glue left behind from false eyelashes can lead to irritated skin and raised bumps on or around the eyelids.

4. Contact lenses

If you’re under the impression that contact lenses are harmless, then think again. To avoid serious eye conditions, remember to remove contact lenses before you’re off to sleep. Another care tip that often slips our minds is care and rinse instructions of your contact case. Don’t rinse the contact case or store contacts in any liquid that’s not sterile, preferably tap or distilled water.

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5. Regular eye exams

Got the best score on an eye test in school? Well, that was eons of years ago! Regular eye checkups are a must, so slide an appointment in your busy schedule. A vist to the ophthalmologist can help detect potential vision problems. Even a minor thing like blurred vision while reading or squinting problems can be tackled in the right way.

6. Don’t gorge out your eyeball!

Yes, you read it right! Excessive scratching or itching with unclean hands or fingers can lead to the transfer of germs and bacteria to your eyes. This is in turn leads to eye infections. Always wash your hands before handling eye drops or contact lens solutions.

7. Relying on eye drops can get you an eye appointment!

Avoid too much dependence on redness reducing drops as they do not help in the long run. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to get an eye consultation atleast once in 3 months. And, if you’re wearing glasses, you can find out if your lens power has increased and get the appropriate glasses.

8. Fancy anti-glare glasses

Fix an anti-glare shield on your computer monitor screen or use anti-glare glasses while you type away on the keyword. Also, remember to adjust the direction of the shield in such a way that it causes less glare.

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9. Regular washing of your eyes in the morning and night

Why wake up with red eyes or puffy eyes and gives others the impression that you were crying the whole night? Splash cold water on your face and eyes for a refreshing break! Use rose water or cucumber peels for removing puffiness and a rejuvenating and soothing effect. Yes, your eyes need a coffee break too.

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These tips are simple, skin-friendly and free of cost. All we need is to take out 5-10 minutes from our busy schedule to take care of our eyes. Now, is that too much to ask for?

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