Home Remedies for Thick and Long Eyelashes

The charm of having voluminous eyelashes is a dream of every woman. From celebs to the common woman everyone loves having big and attractive eyelashes. If you are amongst one who is looking for thick, long and gorgeous eyelashes than this page is for you. Picking up the natural ways to increase the eyelash length is the safe and pocket-friendly option to achieve voluminous eyelashes. If you have a time constraint and still you wish to choose the natural way to enhance your eyelashes than you can consider Careprost Eyelash Serum. This one product meets your all requirements in order to have thick, long and dense eyelashes. Careprost 3 ml with brush is the easiest and safest way to boost eyelash length. Keep on reading the page to unfold the natural remedies to get thick and long eyelashes.

Home Remedies for Thick and Long Eyelashes.

Shea Butter – It contains vitamin A and E that nourishes your eyelashes by making the hair follicles strong. It improves hair growth when you apply it to your lashes. Take shea butter on your fingertips and massage gently on your eyelashes before going to bed and rinse them off when you wake up in the morning.

Mix Oil – Mixing of almond, coconut and olive oil makes a perfect combination of extremely rich formula. The proteins and minerals present in these oils work wonder when we mix them together to apply to our eyelashes. The high protein content in almond and coconut oil keeps your lashes smooth and silk and prevent hair follicles breakage, and the olive oil induces nourishment to hair growth. You can follow the same application method the one mentioned for the shea butter.

Castor oil– It is loaded with nourishing fatty acids that make eyelashes grow longer and thicker. Castor oil considered one of the easiest ways to get thicker lashes. Castor oil contains vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants properties that nourish hair follicles.  Soak a cotton swab in the oil and apply it to eyelashes and massage it for 2-3 minutes before going to bed. You can also use your fingertips to apply the oil.

Jojoba oil – This oil nourishes hair follicles and helps to grow the lashes thicker and longer. Take a few drops of jojoba oil and massage gently on your eyelashes and leave it. Apply it before going to bed so that the oil gets good time to work, wash your face in the morning. Repeat this exercise every day for the best result.

Green Tea – Boil a small amount of green tea and let it cool and then apply on your lashes with gentle movement.

Vaseline – Apply some Vaseline on your lashes before going to bed every night. It will help your eyelashes to grow thicker and stronger.

Good Food – Eating healthy food does not only offer good skin but it also improves hair growth. The rich diet loaded with vitamins, protein, and minerals to get healthy skin and hair.

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