How to Prevent Eyestrain from Digital Devices

Nowadays, we are so much involved with the digital devices that it looks like they have become a part of our lifestyle, isn’t it? In a way, digital gadgets have shortened out resting period and our eyes have to face computer or Smartphone screen more than earlier times. Do we take eye care or consider any eye care tips so that we do not experience a vision problem at the end. We can blame digital devices for eyestrain but we can take some preventive measures to reduce their impact.

Digital screens cause eyestrain:

Researchers have found that when we work on computer or mobile screen, our eyes blink less than half as compared to normal blinking. Normally, our eyes blink 15 times a minute, whereas this frequency becomes half while working on the digital devices. The contrast of the text and pictures against the background and glare of the digital screens leave an impact on the eyes. The results are dryness and strain in the eyes, which could lead to various symptoms of eye problem like blurry vision, optical disturbance, color illusion, near and far-sightedness. This is why we have to take precautions including eye care medicines so that the effects of digital screens on our eye are not that severe.

How to Prevent Eyestrain from Digital Devices

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Prevention of digital eyestrain:

Our lifestyle has become such that we find it hard to cut short all screen time. However, a few change and some preventive measures can help our eyes to remain healthy and less strained. You need only to follow some eye care tips to reduce the impact of digital devices. Some of the important tips are discussed here to help you out:

  • Wear anti-glare glasses while using digital devices

It is fine if you wear contact lens when you are working on the digital devices, and if not then wear anti-glare glasses to reduce eyestrain. These glasses are like a shield that protects your eyes from the effects of the computer screen.

  • Keep ideal distance between eyes and digital screen

If you are working on the computer screen, make sure your eyes are at arm’s length from the screen. The distance between your eyes and computer screen should be about 25 inches. More or less distance than that is will strain your eyes to concentrate. In addition, the center of the computer screen should be 10-15 degrees below your eye level; it is a position that helps your eyes to work comfortably.

  • Keep screen glare at minimum level

The brightness of the digital screen should not be very high. You can set its glare that does not strain your eyes much and you can face it longer.

  • Take a quality rest in between

You should not be lost while working or playing on a digital screen, rather take rest of a few seconds or minutes after working every half an hour. Experts suggest 20-20 rule that means you give a rest of 20 seconds every time after working for 20 minutes. And take a longer break after every 2 hours of concentration on the digital screen.

  • Wash your eyes after digital time

Water is a natural eye care medicine that keeps your eyes fresh and healthy. So, when you feel eyestrain after facing computer, tablet, smartphone, television or other digital screens, wash your eyes to refresh them again. It also helps you avoid dryness in the eyes.

  • Take care of humidity in the workplace

Wherever you work on computer or laptop screen, it is important to keep sufficient level of humidity and brightness at the workplace. The deflation in the humidity and brightness pose eyestrain that could be a cause of various symptoms of eye problem. Those who use digital devices in dark surrounding feel more eyestrain than those who work in the light.

  • Use LED screen

LED screens are known to render less effect on your eyes. If possible, replace your desktop with LED screen system and watch on LED television and smartphone.

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  • Blink your eyes as normal and take proper treatment

Do not forget to blink your eyes when you are working on digital devices. It prevents your eyes from drying and reduces eyestrain. If you are suffering from any contagious problem in your eyes then take an eye infection treatment as early as possible, otherwise working on the digital devices will further aggravate the problem.

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