Probable Reasons of Hair Fall

It is not a good feeling to see a lot of hair strands in the brush after styling your hair. You have to control it before it gets too late. Almost everyone experiences hair fall or hair loss at a stage in his or her life. Some people regain the lost hair naturally while some are not so fortunate.

There are different reasons for hair fall and if you want to take a hair loss cure, it is necessary to understand what exactly is causing this condition at first.

Experts say an adult loses 50-100 hairs a day on average. Maybe it is a normal condition, but we cannot ignore the possibility of a medical condition behind it. Here are some probable reasons for hair fall that can help you in the search for an effective treatment to prevent this condition.

Telogen Effluvium:

The condition of telogen effluvium usually occurs during pregnancy. People who undergo a surgery, take weight loss pills, have extreme mental pressure, or experience side effects of certain medicines could become a victim of telogen effluvium. Such people experience the fall of a number of hair strands every day and there are lesser chances to regain them. Generally, this condition remains active 3-5 months and after that, the falling of hairs stops. During this phase, you experience a complete life cycle of hair. Pantostin (Alfatradiol) provides a good treatment for telogen effluvium by increasing hair density. Pantostin, buy online at a reasonable cost.

Hereditary (androgenetic alopecia) causes hair loss:

Hair loss largely happens due to genetic reason, which is known as androgenetic alopecia. Experts find it as a very common cause of hair loss that a person inherits from any of the parents or blood relatives. If your parents have had hair loss or baldness, you are more likely to experience the same condition after or after a certain age. Sometimes even a hair loss cure to prevent this condition is ineffective and you have no control over the shedding and thinning of hairs. Its effects appear in the early 20s and by the end of 40s, a pattern baldness is quite visible. If your mother has a pattern of hair thinning then you are more likely to experience hair loss and hair fall at an early age.

Minoxidil is found to be a good product to prevent such hair thinning and falling. You can lower the intensity of androgenetic alopecia by applying minoxidil (Rogaine) to the scalp and nourishing your hair.


Another probable reason behind the thinning and falling of hair is hypothyroidism. Usually, this condition affects women who have insufficient thyroid hormone, which is also responsible for metabolism, underactive thyroid. This hormone plays an important role in for basal metabolic function which has its effects on the growth of hair and skin tissues. Therefore, the insufficiency of thyroid hormone can cause hair fall and hair loss.


Lupus, which is a chronic autoimmune disease, is also responsible for thinning and falling of hair. This condition weakens the skin tissues and causes other health problems like joint pain, headache, fatigue, anemia, chest pain, and oral cancer. In lupus, body’s own immune system affects healthy tissues so that people experience hair loss. Pantostin is a good product that can reverse this condition considerably.

Iron deficiency:

The condition of iron deficiency or anemia in women is a prominent factor for causing hair fall and hair pattern baldness. The decreasing number of red blood cells in the blood reduces the volume of oxygen to cells throughout the body so that it doesn’t get the required energy.

You have to eat iron-rich food products and foods that have plenty of vitamin C that work as a natural hair loss cure in the condition of anemia.

Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia areata is a condition of autoimmune disorder in which hair follicles are attacked by the immune system. It affects both sexes and people experience the thinning and falling of hair strands in early ages. There is no definite factor for causing alopecia areata. It is found that people living with mental stress or illness are the most vulnerable victims of this condition. Many experts suggest pantostin, buy online or offline, this solution can effectively combat the trend of hair loss.

Some other probable reasons behind the hair fall include polycystic ovarian syndrome, chemical contact, excessive styling, skin conditions of the scalp and poor nutrition.

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