Maintain Your Weight: Body Shape And Diet

A human is a god’s creation and daily we find different people with dissimilar body types. Body types decide the way we look. There are different body shapes, but we broadly categorize ourselves in these: mesomorph, ectomorph, or endomorph. I come under mesomorph category. Do you know why? For that we need to have a closer look at different body types.

Where do you fit in?

It is a well-known fact that one cannot do anything about one’s bone structure. If someone is skinny, obese or athletic and wish to gain or reduce weight according to his body type, then a dietary plan can be followed including proper nutrients and fibers. Regular workout and training should be done. Avoid addictions like drink and tobacco, which severely affect your health. Consider the example of Jennifer Lopez: the famous singer reduced 40lbs after her twin birth and reduced body fat at thighs and hips. So, one should identify one’s body type and work accordingly to make it toned and fit. Let’s proceed to know about different body types:


In simple words, ectomorph body means slim. They are the skinny people having linear physique. Take an example, if you are a strong, tall and have good physique then you would find people with this body type really awkward. The models we see on ramp, they are the perfect example of ectomorph body type.

Characteristics Ectomorph

  • They have narrow hips and pelvis
  • Their arms and legs are usually long in comparison to other two body types
  • They have less muscle fat
  • They have a flat chest
  • They have a light build
  • They have small shoulders
  • They have small joints

Ectomorph people try their best to gain some weight and look good. They eat really well but face a lot of difficulties to gain weight because of fast metabolism that burns fat really quickly. Skinny people usually look taller because of less muscle mass, this is a normal assumption of people. These people lack strength and energy. In case of trouble, forget ectomorph man will even try to fight because he knows where he stands. One could easily notice that their bones really weigh light if you pull them.

Diet to be followed

Because ectomorph people are skinny ones, it becomes really essential for them to have more of calories and carbohydrates in their diet. To maintain a level of diet, an ectomorph should consume thousands of calories. Fats and oils, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, meat should be considered. An ectomorph should not worry about calories intake because their body is so slim it becomes necessary for them to have rich sources of fat and proteins. One should avoid junk and fried foods. Maintain fixed ratio 40% proteins, 40%carbohydrates and 20% fat intake. Rice, flour, potatoes, dry fruits, cereals and green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are all rich sources of carbohydrates. One can also eat chocolates as they help in growth of muscles. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day which would help to gain muscle weight and strength and provide maximum results.


Mesomorph is the perfect body type that every person would like to have. Persons having mesomorph type of body structure has usually large bones, large muscles and athletic physique. They are really strong people and their body is best suited for body building. They easily gain and reduce weight. When we go to gym, we see posters of fitness freak people. They are the examples that fit into this category.

Characteristics Mesomorph

They have a muscular body They are very well build personalities Their legs and arms are very strong They have a lean figure They have well-toned body

Diet to be followed

Mesomorph is the masses who are already fit, but to sustain it, they need to induce a sizable diet. They should follow a meal containing a fixed proportion of 40% carbohydrates,40% lean proteins and 20% fats. These people should take a little less number of calories of diet to maintain their physique, if they want to lose weight they can deduce calorie intake by 200-500 each day. Carbohydrates are good for every body-type. So intake of dry fruits, oatmeal and green veggies should be considered. Take olive, sunflower, fish, corn and soy in your diet as they are a rich source of healthy fats.

They naturally have a perfect body shape, but to improve and maintain further they need to take a balanced diet and do regular exercise. Therefore, it is advisable for a mesomorph not to overdo exercise because they easily gain weight and then they need to switch on to cardiovascular exercises to check body fat. A mesomorph should follow the guidelines advised for an ectomorph to gain muscle mass or an endomorph for fat or weight loss. A mesomorph stands between an ectomorph and an endomorph. A mesomorph man likes to gain weight during winters and then in summers he runs to lose weight to have a skinny body.

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Endomorph is a fat person who has abundance of body fat. These people are fat retainers and have round bodies. Losing weight becomes a difficult task for them.


  • They depend on weight trainings to reduce muscle fat
  • They spend several hours doing workouts to burn some calories


  • Their hips are wide
  • They have narrow shoulders
  • Their metabolism is slow
  • They gain weight easily
  • Their bone structure is wide
  • The fat gets stored in thighs and upper arms
  • Their ankles and wrist is quite slim

Diet to be followed

These people need to focus on reducing their body fats. They should eat food that are rich in fiber like corn, cabbage, cauliflower, berries, green leaves, celeries, beans, squash or mushrooms. People falling under this category should do at least 30 minutes of cardio in the morning before their first meal, helping to burn stored fat and speed up the metabolism. Endomorph people should have a control on their diet and must avoid junk food and sweets. Regular intake of grains, brown rice, fruits and vegetables makes you healthy and boosts up the metabolic behavior.

Supplements providing nutrition

It is not mandatory that you need to take supplements along with diet plan. Those who wish to have a toned body switch to health supplements. Nowadays a lot of health supplements are available, in market as well as online, to care of men and women fitness. These are the products which become an add-on to our diet, include essential ingredients like vitamin, mineral, amino, proteins and herbs. Health supplements vary depending on your body type.

Few good health supplements

  • Multivitamin
  • Protein powder
  • Creatine
  • Green tea
  • Fish oil

These health supplements provide a great nutrition to the body. Never forget to consult your doctor before their intake and in case something goes wrong, immediately stop its consumption. One can buy any supplement online as well. These days online pharmacies are pretty much in demand, you can get well known brands from them. There are multivitamins for women as well that contains micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals which are good for health. Women consume these supplements in large numbers. You can get nutritional supplement right at your door!

Stay fit for healthy living.

Physical fitness can only be accomplished through regular exercise. Someone who is skinny wish to attain some weight, whereas an obese person wants to look right by reducing weight. Apart from that, it likewise helps the people to stay away from serious ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and many more problems. So choose a healthy lifestyle by supplementing yourself with a well nutrified diet.

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